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What do we want to see from BF6?

Battlefield 2 - What do we want to see from BF6?

I have what I feel are some pretty universal desires for the next entry in the franchise, as well as some that may be much more divisive, but here goes

– Modern Setting: Duh. Most of us have said that's what we want them to get back to. And it seems just about confirmed that that is what we will get

– Private Servers: Please bring those back DICE

– Weapon Attachments: Lots of them. And go back to them being what alters the function of your weapons. That level of customization is addicting. As is having things to constantly chase, that aren't just cosmetic

– NO to a single player campaign. This is one I expect some push back on, but hear me out. There have been some decent ones, but this game has always been about the multiplayer. And this time around, DICE really REALLY needs to nail the multiplayer and make it something truly awesome to keep the game going for a good while. To do so, I say focus on THAT and just forget a campaign that will more likely than not end up being something forgettable that serves no purpose other than to hurt your overall review score

– YES to a Battle Royal Mode: Again, this will have some people pissed, but before you freak out, listen. I get it, you don't want some tacked on BR mode to distract from their focus of the core multiplayer. Neither do I, but if they can actually make a good one, within the Battelfield setting, it could end up being something very special. And If they have indeed made the call to ditch a single player campaign, then they would actually be able to either assign a team to work on this separately, or even hire a different studio to do it, with their supervision and still focus heavily on the core multiplayer suite. And another reason I feel they have to try it again?….Warzone. Sorry but that thing has been such a massive win for Call of Duty, how could anyone fault DICE for wanting to try and get it right this time and possibly enjoy their own massive success in the BR space? As long as they can do it, without hurting the core Multi….I say go for it


– Make this entry more of a long term platform, meant to last at least 5-6 years, or more. I also wish COD would do this, but they keep making too much money rushing out often half -assed new ones every year that always make huge bank, so they have been given little reason to change what they do. Battlefield on the other hand didn't do too great with their last entry and has usually taken a few years between titles, so I could see them making this just THE GAME for years to come, and do the Free and Paid tier Season Pass model. Which will be easier for people to digest because my last wish is that they are also going to…

– ….Make it free-to-play. Yup, don't charge a dime for this game at launch. Obviously they would need some really good anti-cheat and also some sort of serious potential income line. So take a page from the Fortnite, Overwatch and Modern Warfare's playbook and make a lot of really cool cosmetics people will actually want to pay for. I know the corporate sociopaths at EA would furl their well waxed brows at this risky idea, but hey, they already have a game that did well with this, in Apex Legends. Think how much money over time a really great and addictive Battlefield game could bring in, if it was free to drop in. It could garner a massive base audience that would happily pay for the latest season pass. And a good amount of hardcore fans who will pay to rent servers, they can can customize to they and their friends' liking. I may be way off here, but I feel it could be really lucrative, if done well

What would you guys like to see out of BF6?

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