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What I miss from Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 - What I miss from Battlefield 1

What I miss from Battlefield 1

(Sorry for my English)

I want to make this post if there is any chance that developers bring it back these aspects I loved it!


1 – The way they are solved: Two maps, 3 battalions (attempts) exclusively in Breakthrough mode, I don’t like the mixture of modes they made in this Battlefield, and the non-existent relevance on the next map if you win or lose. Parachute match it’s really grate, but the next ones that are not breakthrough….

2 – World Map: I love the idea on Battlefield 1 of the World map, showing me where I’m fighting and giving me the option to choose one map or other

3 – Introductory video/speech, putting me in situation of what awaits me:

4 – The start of the round with the artillery barrage, Whistle Sounds and soldiers shouting

5 – Final speech, telling me what historically happened or what would happen

Rest of the game

6 – End of round: Showing me CLEARLY who was the best in something (Best medic of the round, best flag captured, etc.)

A CLEARLY summary of what I did/win (If I unblock some weapon, level, ribbon, etc.)

7 – Ribbons: We actually win a lot of ribbons in the game, but, where they go, by the way, I feel like I obtain a lot of ribbons for doing nothing…


8 – Codex: I loved it, it was fantastic to learn about historical weapons, battles, armies, etc!

9 – Service Stars

10 – Double Dog Tags: This means front and back

11 – Emblems: Customizable emblems, able to bring it on your uniform / vehicles…

(10 & 11): These two were nice showed in the kill cam

12 – Battlefield 1 Companion App

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13 – Ranks with symbols: Stars, eagles, etc

In Battlefield 4 on scoreboard we were able to see those icons, It would be great to recover it for BFV

14 – Skulls on mini map from downed comrades, making the work of medic a little bit easier

15 – War pigeons mode

16 – Weapons: Flamethrower, Limpet Charge from support…. aaaaand…. (Don’t hate me) Mortar form support too ^_^

Except part of point 1 and the mortar of 16 I think you will think more or less like me, tell me what you think about it! May be you remind me something from last BF I forget to add! 😉

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