Battlefield 5

What is this Practice Range Crap?

Battlefield 5 - What is this Practice Range Crap?

Who designed this practice range?

WHY would anyone want to practice with the un specialized guns? What's the purpose to practicing with guns that are default?

Why are my custom guns not there? Instead we get completely stock guns.

Why can't I see my gun reticle as I'm changing the brightness/colour like I could in BF4? There's also no hit markers on the test range, in BF4 I could practice my flicks by shooting target to target.


I just don't understand the thought process behind this. It's like not being able to equip weapon attachments in BF4 but you're expected to practice with guns that perform completely different in game. Such a stupid oversight.

Jesus DICE i'm trying to like your game but you keep doing these oddly retarded moves, like such a simple feature is completely missing. Please give the guy who designed this range a good slap on the head, he deserves it. Kind of a downgrade from the range we had 5 years ago.

EDIT: STOP UPVOTING. I have 63 messages and I cannot reply to them all. Also my most upvoted thread ever where do I get my medal?

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