Battlefield 5

What the industry lacks as a whole

Battlefield 5 - What the industry lacks as a whole

Been an avid fan of the Battlefield series since I've first met Battlefield 1942, and have bought and played and loved every single title in the Battlefield series. Yes, even including Hardline. (Loved the way of unlocking things with money.) I've spent countless hours fighting both against AI and human opponents. I've never really been drawn into the mayhem CoD provided, as the grand team fights were the ones I was looking forward to. I can't really describe how happy I was when Bad Company 2's Beta ran perfectly on my cheap, old computer. I have spent hours and hours sniping, or – more recently, although by the end of BC2, also there – being medic for looong, long hours.

I can't express how hyped I was for BF1. Even though the automatic guns and the historical inaccuracy, even it has been a great experience.

But then, something cracked.

I do believe that the problem with the latest title lies deep in the industry, back to the higher level management and investors. If you take a look back at the CoD series, they've taken an interesting route – forcing the sci-fi line, along with the hero based multiplayer that has been the trend in the past few years. The very same route that Battlefield has taken: not catering to the players, but rather to investors wanting to see a stable release without causing any sort of uproar.

This sort of approach has led us to Battlefield V : A game where you are no longer part of historical warfare, but rather an alternate history where it caters to the newest Silicon Valley trends of being extremly equal and looking out not to hurt anybody's feelings or memories. Yeah, I do get that we had Secret Weapons of WW2.


I've recently returned to BF V after having abandoned it around March. I've seen that the challenges I'd have to do are forced on Battle Royale. Jumped in to play for a few days non-stop, until I've realised that I am still playing the same 5 maps since launch. This is a big concern of mine – I do not like the modern ways of designing multiplayer maps down to the hairbrush you can see on the table on the second floor in an apartment. I'd much prefer a little less detailed, but a way bigger selection of maps available.

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However, there is a second path. With a shock and awe tactics, Activision took a deep breath, and as frequently seen in such marketing tactics, repositioned the whole series. Breaking away from the standard routine, they've put up a big bet on making a bigger scale CoD, with realistic elements and mode, along with a gritty and said-to-be brutal Singleplayer campaign. They took lessons from Insurgency, Squad and Hell Let Loose being trending, and also the hate BFV got.

And what do I think all about that? Such a revamp for the Battlefield series would bring back the glory of Battlefield, and make it a CoD killer again. Until then, I am pretty sad I still have to stick to Battlefield 4.

What do you think about these issues? Is this widespread?

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