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Battlefield 6 - What's your Roadmap?

When I heard that BFV was going to be a live service I was excited. I love WW2 as a setting as it brings back my childhood and while I know live service gets a lot of flak these days (rightly so as well) I thought the possibility was amazing. I thought/hoped we were going to be taken on a journey through WW2 like no game has before. And indeed it looked promising at the start as we seemed to be focusing on the fall of Europe, even Our weapons are more akin to early war (bar a few exceptions).

I fear now though, that due to poor sales, they may already be giving up on this idea and I worry if BFV multi-player is just an extra for fire-storm rather then the other way around.

I couldn't help but think what could of been, what still might be?

As the roadmap hype train is in full swing I thought I'd share my ideal roadmap/improvements to the game. What would be yours? What ideas would you like to see added to this list, what would you take out?


November 2018 – March 2019

As per what we have now, but with the marketing/media of what's to come. Ends with the launch of fire storm. Tides of war 1-2 are as per now. Combined arms missions are as they are now.

Tides of war 3: Stand firm (battle of Britain)

April 2019 – June 2019

The allies have been pushed out of Europe, a desperate battle for survival Begins

New game Modes

  • Air superiority (32 player)
  • Rush and squad conquest as permanent fixtures (64 players rush, 32 player squad conquest)

New Maps

  • London's burning – Air superiority, night, over a London skyline on fire (UK v GER)
  • Arctic convoy – Air superiority, day, off the coast of Norway above dozens of transport ships and destroyers below. (UK V GER)
  • Battle of Crete – Large scale map with hills/fields and dense villages, supports all game modes*. (UK v GER)

new Grand operations

  • Battle of Crete. Day 1 – airborne(night), day 2 – rush, day 3 – Domination/frontlines (GER v UK)

New Combined arms

The original 10 combined arms missions now have procedurally generated foes including vehicles and numbers making each play through a bit unique. A new panel of "Historical" combined arms is showed with 9 of 10 panels blanked out.

  • Historical combined arms: Dunkirk – You and your squad must defend against multiple waves of procedurally generated enemies resulting in a different assault each play-though. After holding each stage for 5 mins you have to fall back, prepare your defences and hold the next line, ultimately ending up on the beach of Dunkirk defending against a large final wave.

New vehicles/Weapons/Cosmetic

  • Hurricane (plane, uk)
  • Focke-wulf (plane, ger)
  • German transport plane for airborne game mode
  • Various new guns, mostly British, via weekly assignments
  • New, mostly RAF/Luftwaffe skins

Tides of war 4: Fires of Hell (Operation Barbarossa)

July 2019 – October 2019

German invasion of Russia

New factions

  • USSR (allies)
  • Romania (axis)

Game modes

  • Tank superiority – 32 players. you can spawn in any of the normal land vehicles. If you exit your tank it counts as deserting and you have 10 seconds to get back in. Plays like frontlines, each flag has a indestructible repair/resupply station for ammo and health.
  • Grand ops refinement. For all new and old grand ops. Whoever wins on day 1 will be the attackers on day 2. Defenders would be "counter attacking". The winner of day 2 will Be attacking on day 3. day 3 game mode will be conditional, if the same side has won the previous two days it will be any game mode except frontlines. If both sides have won a day each (a draw) then the 3rd day will be frontlines. on the 3rd day if it is frontlines and If the round timer runs out prior to the final objectives being destroyed it will be a recorded as a draw and a final 4th round of final stand will be played.


  • Battle of Kursk – Tank superiority, day, large open fields littered in destroyed tanks, trenches and craters (USSR v GER)
  • Stalingrad – day, large destroyed urban area, no further description needed, supports all game modes* (USSR v GER)
  • Gates of Moscow – Night, Half rural/Half Urban, Urban area is heavily fortified, supports all game modes* (USSR v GER)
  • Leningrad Breakout – Day, Mostly Rural/forest with 1 large urban area, supports all game modes* (USSR V GER)
  • Battle of Kiev – Night, Heavy Urban area but not destroyed, supports all game modes* (USSR V ROM)
  • Stalingrad – fire storm map at night

grand ops

  • Stalingrad – ether take the city or force the enemy out. Day 1 – Airborne, Day 2 – Breakthrough (night), Day 3 – Front lines or conquest assault. (USSR V GER)

Combined arms

  • Pavlov's house (historical) – you and you squad must defend a large house from waves of procedurally generated German attackers . A bot controlled "Sgt. Pavlov" fights with you as a VIP who must be protected, if he dies, its game over. Sgt. Pavlov will also make "hilarious" jokes at the end of each wave.
  • Siege of Leningrad (historical) – Play as the Germans with a large number of procedurally generated friendly and enemy soldiers fighting to take control of the city


  • T-34 (Tank, USSR)
  • IS-2 (Tank, USSR)
  • SU-76 (Assault gun/tank, USSR)
  • KV-1 (Tank, USSR)
  • IL-2 shturmovik (Plane/ground attack USSR)
  • Tupolev SV (Plane/bomber USSR)
  • Yak-9 (Plane USSR)
  • various support/transport vehicles for USSR/Romanian Factions
  • Panther (Tank, GER)
  • Jagdtiger (Tank, GER)
  • Various guns and cosmetics, mostly Soviet, PPSH, Mosin-Nnagant, etc
  • With the introduction of new factions. All vehicles and skins will be Faction locked to there own factions. Gun's will be unlocked and usable across the board.

Tides of war 5: Sleeping Giants (pearl harbour/pacific)

November 2019 – January 2020

The Americans join the war.


  • America (allies)
  • Japan (axis)

Game modes

  • Carrier Assault – 64 players, Aircraft are needed to damage each others aircraft carriers until they are "open". Players can then use landing craft to land in the damaged hull of the ship. Or parachute from planes. The attackers must plant bombs in the engine room to sink the carrier and win the game.


  • Pearl harbour – day, Air superiority over pearl harbour (USA v IJ)
  • Battle of Midway – day, Carrier assault over the famous island (USA v IJ)
  • Leyte Gulf – day, Carrier assault during a large naval battle, map full of bot controlled warships firing at each other (USA v IJ)
  • Wake island – day, its back! supports all game modes* (USA v IJ)
  • Iwo Jima – day, battle over a war torn volcanic island, supports all game modes* (USA v Ij)
  • Rat Run – Night, A generic pacific island, heavily wooded with a few small villages, Underground a large number of tunnels/murder holes that interconnect leading to battles above and below ground, supports all game modes* (USA V IJ)

Grand ops

  • Iwo Jima – Take/defend the Island. Day 1 – airborne (attacker use the new landing craft rather then planes), Day 2 – breakthrough, Day 3 – front lines or rush.

Combined arms

  • Pearl Harbour (Historical) – You and your squad are on-board the USS Nevada, all is quiet as you patrol the deck on guard duty, Man the AA guns and defend your ship while also trying to manage basic repairs.
  • Tip of the spear (Historical) – You and your squad are in a bomber (B-25) on route to the Doolittle raids. Use teamwork to repair your plane and shoot down fighters as you navigate the way-points to your bombing run, then bug out as quickly as you can. Dozen+ friendly CPU controlled bombers are following you during this mission


  • Sherman (Tank, USA)
  • firefly (Tank, USA)
  • Pershing (Tank, USA)
  • Type 95 (Tank, IJ)
  • O-I (Tank, Ij)
  • Mustang/P-51 (Plane, USA)
  • Lighting/P-38 (Plane/Bomber, USA)
  • Warhawk P-40 (Plane, USA)
  • A6M Zero (Plane IJ)
  • D3A aichi (Plane/ground attack, IJ)
  • G4M (Plane/bomber, IJ)
  • B-25 liberator (Bomber, Combined arms only)
  • Landing craft (USA/IJ)
  • AA version of the American half track already in the game (AA tank, USA)
  • Type 98 AA tank (AA tank, IJ)
  • Various support/light vehicles for USA and Japan,
  • Various camo's and weapons for both factions including M1 Grand, M1A1 Thompson, BAR, grease gun and Samurai sword for melee

Tides of war 6: Retribution (middle war 1942 -1944)

February 2020 – April 2020

The Germans start to loose the war as the allies advance on Germany.


  • Italy (Axis)

Game modes

  • No new modes, Refinements/improvements to Carrier assault, Rush and superiority modes based on community feedback.


  • Bastogne – day, Forest and rural setting. Fight in the snow and the bitter cold from fortified fox holes. supports all game modes* (USA v GER)
  • Omaha Beach – day, Coastal setting leading into the hedge rows of Normandy, supports all game modes* (USA v GER)
  • Battle for Caen – night, Heavy Urban fighting in this city, Supports all game modes* (UK v GER)
  • Monte Cassino – day, rugged/mountainous terrain around the old fortress, supports all game modes* (USA v Italy)
  • Cephalonia – day, Greek Island, rugged terrain, hilly and small villages, based on the Cephalonia Massacre which was used for Captain Corellis Mandolin. Supports all game modes (GER v Italy)
  • Bagration Invasion – night, Large open map across woodland and farmland. Supports all game modes* (GER v USSR)
  • Fall of Tobruk – day, Tank superiority, Mixture of flat open desert and large urban ruins. (UK v Italy)

Grand ops

  • Battle of Bastogne – Day 1 – Airborne (night), Day 2 – Breakthrough, Day 3 – Conquest Or front lines (GER v USA)
  • Battle of Monte Cassino – Day 1 – Airborne, Day 2 – Domination, Day 3 – Rush or Front lines (UK v Italy)

Combined arms

  • Omaha Beach – You and your squad spawn in a landing craft with dozens of friendly bots, you must land on the beach and storm the bunkers under a hail of bullets.
  • Easy company – Based on the Omaha beach map but in the hedge rows. You and your squad parachute in at night time and must sabotage several German guns targeting the beaches. Resistance is procedurally generated each time.


  • m13/40 (tank, Italy)
  • P26/40 (tank Italy)
  • semovente da 20/70 (aa gun, Italy)
  • Semovente da 75/18 (assault gun, Italy)
  • Macchi C.205 (fighter, Italy)
  • Macchi C.202 (fighter, Italy)
  • Cant Z, 1007 (Bomber, Italy)
  • various light/support vehicles for Italy
  • various Italian skins/weapons.

Tides of war 7: The bitter end (1945)

May 2020-August 2020

The war is finally coming to an end, how will it end?


  • No new factions

Game modes

  • No new game modes, further refinements to existing maps/game modes for balance. Depending on how player count is going, if its low, may look to remove the worst two performing game modes, regardless of what they are (including base modes launched with game) to boost numbers in other modes. If numbers are high, may look at making 32/64 player versions for the most popular game modes based on community feed back. 64 player tank superiority anyone?


  • The bunker – night, Central Berlin, heavy urban area, lots of damage. Large underground network of concrete bunkers. Supports all game modes* (USSR v GER)
  • Autobahn – Tank superiority, day, a large open map, small villages dotted around, with a large concrete autobahn down the middle with multiple bridges over it. (USA v GER)
  • Dresden – Air superiority, day, Fight over a large urban area (UK v GER)
  • Zoo tower – night, Fighting based in a large park/zoo with the flak tower in the centre, Flak tower has multi levels, fully accessible. supports all game modes* (USSR v GER)
  • Operation metro – day, its back!! layout the same as the original but based on the 1940's metro system. Supports all game modes* (USA v GER)
  • Battle of Okinawa – day, large island with woodlands and villages, small network of underground tunnels. Large airstrip near the centre with hangers/bunkers. supports all game modes* (USA v IJ)
  • Okinawa – day, fire storm version

Grand ops

  • Battle of Okinawa, day 1 – airborne (with landing craft, not planes), day 2 – conquest, day 3, frontlines/breakthrough

Combined Arms

  • Fuhrerbunker – night, A stealth mission, you and your squad must infiltrate a heavily guarded bunker without setting off alarms, find the man, kill him. Then fight your way to freedom. Based on "the bunker map" You play as an OSS team.
  • Guardian Angels – day, You and your squad spawn as a squadron of fighters escorting dozens of B-25's over a variation of the Berlin map. Escort the bombers and defending them against waves of procedurally generated enemy fighters. The bombers act as VIP's – lose to many and it's game over.


  • King tiger (Tank, GER)
  • KV-2 (Tank, USSR)
  • One new skin for each faction, themed around a battle harden veteran to celebrate the end of Tides of War.
  • No new weapons, Balance and adjustments to the guns now in the game to ensure balance.

Tides of war 8: Marshall's plan (end game support)

September 2020- November 2020

Combined Arms

  • Introduction of global and national leader-board for each mission in combined arms (historical and generic). See how you compare against other players. Resets every week. The number 1 ranked team in each leader-board at the end of each week will get awarded a special skin. a German faction skin for the national leader-board, American, British and Russian for the global board. Leader-boards viewable via in-game menus. Players who are top at multiple times will be able to exchange the skins for Battlefield currency.
  • St Nazaire raid – night, last of the 10 historical combined arms. you and your squad are on-board HMS Campbeltown. You must fight your way into the harbour and crash your ship into the docks, Then you and your NPC allied commando's must fight your way to freedom on waiting ships.


  • Final round of bug fixing and balancing based on feedback from community
  • Final conformation of game modes based on player numbers and community feedback
  • Improved end of round stats and personal stats based on BF3/BF4 (if not already introduced)
  • Kill cam improvements – breaks down who has damaged you and what with (if not already introduced)


  • Operation Lapland – Think Operation metro in Santa's grotto. Final content for the game as a thank you/bye bye – fight around toys and Christmas trees. A giant wooden train goes around the map that players can jump on and off. Conquest only, on its own unique rotation/server. Watch out for the reindeer!

.* supports all game modes = does not include superiority modes, or carrier assault. every map will support most game modes, Some game modes may not be supported for the sake of balance or feasibility on some maps, Attempts will be made to ensure a even distribution of supported modes across the maps so no game mode is lacking maps and ensuring a slightly unique rotation for each game mode. Conquest and breakthrough will be supported on all maps unless stated otherwise.

Ideal breakdown, including the 9 maps the game has (assuming they support the current game modes as of march 2019)

base game = 9

tides of war = 18 (not including superiority maps and carrier assault maps)

carrier assault = 2

air superiority = 4

tank superiority = 3

Operation lapland = 1

Firestorm = 3

Grand total = 39

Conquest and breakthrough = 27 map rotation

Rush = 20 map rotation

Grand ops = 11 map rotation

Domination/frontlines = 20 map rotation

TDM/Squad conquest = 15 map rotation

Air superiority = 4 map rotation

Tank superiority = 3 map rotation

Firestorm = 3 map rotation

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