Battlefield 5

When am I ever going to receive my batch of Company Coins Dice???

Battlefield 2 - When am I ever going to receive my batch of Company Coins Dice???

I feel like I am one of the last people to receive my retroactive coins. Everyone else I know has been rewarded with their batch of coins that Dice owed them except me….

I honestly don't even care to play anymore or even want to play until I get my coins so I can upgrade some new damn weapons and Vehicles. I feel like I been playing the Beta for past month. I been level 50 since November 13th and I haven't achieved any damn coins besides daily assignments. 300 coins a day is nothing………. it takes me a whole damn week of playing to afford to upgrade a damn gun. I have all my planes upgraded and only 2 guns upgraded for each class. I am so annoyed…………I am getting the short end of the stick here man….. I am about to uninstall the game because of this shit.


NOT TO MENTION. I have an uneven number of coins. I have 551… Where did the extra 1 coin come from??? I have no clue. But I feel like they tried to compensate me but failed and retroactively gave me 1 coin………… lmfao what a joke of a game.

"Let's fix the TTK for our new players first but screw the Battlefield Veterans who been max level since the game came out, they don't need company coins, they can buy them with micro transactions instead"

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