Battlefield 5

When customer support is wholesome af!

Battlefield 8 - When customer support is wholesome af!

So I had an issue with my BFV Pre-order not processing even though it was ordered back in September.
I contacted EA Support and got the issue sorted out quickly and thanked him for his time and helping me out.
He then told me how he was so appreciative of me being understanding and he wished that he got more people that were.

Id just like to say to everyone that the guys and girls at EA Customer support are just doing their jobs and working to the best of their ability , majority of the issues probably aren't their fault directly. They most likely deal with frustrated and abusive customers everyday. Just being polite goes a long way and can probably even make someones day!
I feel kind of bad that just me being polite meant I was one of the nicest customers he has dealt with. The support reps are here to help, not cop abuse for something that they themselves didn't do or is out of their control.


So shout out to Durgesh for being a great support rep and fixing my issue!
I look forward to seeing everyone on the battlefield!


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