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Why Battlefield V’s live service is not a failure by Loqtrall

Battlefield 7 - Why Battlefield V's live service is not a failure by Loqtrall

This is a post from the Battlefield Forum made by Loqtrall, it pretty much encompasses why BFV is not as "Bad" as people claim in terms of it's live service.

Even if they don't have anything new to add in the coming month aside from maybe some cosmetics, I don't see how it's much different from other games out there, especially after they're well over a year old.

Most BF titles in the past went months without content additions of any kind whatsoever between expansion/dlc pack releases. Most live service games out there get primarily nothing but cosmetics anyway, and BF5 had already added an absolute ton of content since launch despite only being out just over a year.

I can't think of any other live service game out there that had added 11 maps, 35 weapons, 16 vehicles, 2 playable factions, a dozen melee weapons, 3 gadgets, a Co OP mode, a battle royale mode, countless player/weapon/vehicle cosmetics, an extra single player story, a practice range, etc – all in just over a year, for free.

Forget that – throw the 35 weapons, 16 vehicles, countless cosmetics, and myriad of other content we've received thus far out of the picture – can anyone tell me another AAA live service FPS game that got ELEVEN maps in just over 1 year all for free, on top of a gigantic battle royale map? If anyone can, which I doubt, does the game in question have maps that are even remotely close to the scale and scope of your average BF map?

Hell, I can't think of a live service game that has added 3/4 of that amount of content without featuring paid loot boxes or a paid battle pass system that locks content behind a pay wall. BF5 is legitimately the only AAA live service FPS game to not feature predatory mtx practices like loot boxes or a battle pass system that essentially makes most of the "free" content in the game "paid".

It's legitimately the only live service game outside of Titanfall 2 that I've seen that has solely directly bought cosmetics as the only form of microtransactions in the entire game. Even past BF titles with paid content had loot boxes.

I understand people want more content, but it's people acting like we've essentially gotten nothing thus far that I have a problem with.

BF5 has legitimately accumulated the most dlc weapons, vehicles, cosmetics, and overall features a BF game has seen to date – so I can't stand it when people act like going an entire month without a new weapon/map/vehicle is some travesty. We got a new map, 3 new weapons, and 2 new gadgets literally less than 2 months ago, and just got tank customization after long last.


I guess what I ultimately want to know is this:

Where is this supposed golden child of Live Service games that is getting substantial content every single month and has surpassed what BF5 has already added? Because I've played and experienced the first year of the live service of most of them and I'm just not seeing it. Fortnite, Siege, Overwatch, TF2, SWBF2, Halo 5, Apex – they all had abysmal first years for a live service where the brunt of the content was player and weapon cosmetics and the most one of those games got in 1 year was maybe 4 maps and 3-4 weapons (2-3 characters/operators in Siege and OWs case).

Even Modern Warfare has JUST entered its most content-intensive period of its live service thus far and has already been out for 5 months (which is a LONG time in terms of COD, because it's literally going to have a replacement released holiday season of this year), and so far it's looking to be on track to not even ending its active life cycle with as much overall content as BF5 currently has.

I think the true issues lies in most people either not acknowledging/appreciating the scale and scope of the dlc we've already gotten in comparison to direct competition – or they legitimately don't even know how much content this game has objectively gotten. Either way it's sad, and not fair to BF5 in an objective sense.

Sure, people can express their dislike of certain content and insist they don't care about it – but that doesnt magically negate the existence of said content nor provide any proof that this game has too little content in comparison to any given game.

If BF5s live service is lacking in content at this point in its life cycle to the point where people are expecting something substantial and new every month, then every other live service game was doing exponentially worse at the same point in their life cycle, and most of them do exponentially worse to this day.

By late 2021 when the next BF title launches, BF5 is directly on track to ending up with the most overall dlc a BF game has ever gotten. Which is ironic, because one of the higher ups at DICE defended the shift to live service before the game's launch insisting that it'd end up with "BF4 levels of dlc content or even more", and people in the community laughed at such a claim. Here we are a year and a half later, and BF5 has nearly 2x as many dlc weapons as Bf4, 4x as many dlc vehicles as BF4, 200% more DLC factions, and probably 10x as many overall cosmetics as Bf4 – all for free – on top of over 2 Premium DLCs worth of maps.

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