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Wishlist to Battlefield 6 (Or just ‘Battlefield’?), V2

Battlefield 7 - Wishlist to Battlefield 6 (Or just 'Battlefield'?), V2

This discussion is based on the assumption that we are getting a game staged in present time.

  1. Introduce spotting scopes to create a more immersive sniper role.

How should it work?
Sniping mechanics should not be changed. However, allow a squadmate to bring out a spotting scope and let them 'mark' an enemy at mid to long ranges.
"how would this be useful?"
The gimmick could for example show a precise range indication rather than just a mark, and allow the shooter to 'zero' the scope. Another mechanic could be a range 'dot', which indicates droprate and allows the shooter to compensate (Sniper Elite'ish mechanic). Maybe this is too overpowered? – maybe consider that you would need to reserve a squadmate for laying besides you rather than entering a building or a point.

example, shooter perspective:

(3:12 – 3:16)

This proposition would make sniping feel much more rewarding and immersive and encourages teamwork and squadplay due to the additional support a sniper would yield.

  1. For gods sake, please don't make the guns feel like BB-guns again!
    TTK is such an important factor in FPS games. If a hardcore gamemode is not in the game, the main gamemode should feel like a medium between these – somewhere in between BF3 and BF4.
    BFV was great in the beginning but now guns feel useless.

Balancing is key, but nerfing on a case-by-case basis is frustrating – let the community test additions.

Next section can be skipped if you want to avoid a bipolar vehicle discussion.

This also apply to and from vehicles.
I want to be scared when a tank rolls over a hill. Currently, I'm not (BFV), as I have to be able to deploy almost ALL my ordinance in order to take it out. I usually just hide or die, due to my lack of caring about trying.
I also want to be scared if I'm on the ground and I hear a roaring engine or a BRRRT from the A-10. currently, I'm not. However, I obviously also want to be able to fight back. Now, this is where I enter a bipolar conversation.
Weapons able to be carried in a setup should NOT be able to onehit-KILL a plane (or a tank, for that matter), when a 30mm gun damages ground targets for less than 50 per – highly inaccurate – bullet. killing vehicles in planes agile enough to dodge AA fire from across the map is even harder.
It's important to remember that it requires skill to effectively pilot a vehicle, whether that's a tank or an airplane/chopper.
Obviously a person with 200+ hours actively piloting a vehicle is able to take you and me out more than once.


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  1. Speaking of vehicles

Get rid of the horrible vehicle spawn mechanics. Getting a vehicle SHOULD be competitive, but people sitting around in the 'lobby' with an auto clicker just doesn't seem useful to the team. BF3 did this really good, right? let's get back to this.

  1. Customisation and variety
    there's two examples I want to avoid here: BF1's lack of cositumizability and COD MW's Meta-weapon gameplay.

Weapons should primarily be balanced according to class. Make the customisation and variety logical – larger round = more damage. bullet variations from COD is actually quite nice, but a .300 bullet should not damage as much as a .50 (please don't introduce a 'real steel' version of this gun).

vehicle customisation in BFV was spot-on, except for the skill tree nerfs, although upgrades should only be level-based, not level+credit.

Servers needs to go back to being community driven. Modern games currently have a tendency to shove playlist and maps down the players' throat (Cod, BFV, APEX) If I 'want' to play a certain map, I should be able to do so, without waiting for too long and have more than 1 or 2 active servers (Crossplay should also make this possible, regardless).

and finally, Firestorm was a great concept! I really enjoyed this version of a Battle Royale, as the gunplay in Battlefield games is amazing compared to other installations (PUBG – too rough, Apex – too cartoony and fast, Warzone – Too meta-driven). If firestorm is attempted again, please make it F2P, as it will otherwise die just as fast as the BFV version did.

  1. speaking of credits
    I completely understand how MTX works in modern games. BUT, I'd rather see the next BF game reintroduce the cases from BF4, which: 1. Did not require a MTX 'key' or credit to open (BF1), 2. was awarded through leveling up guns and rank and 3. gave somewhat useful rewards (unlike BFV's useless cosmetics that often yielded a camouflage disadvantage).
    As the previous wishlist stated: please don't introduce whacky player skins. It's not what I'm signing up for, when playing a BF game.
    As a final note, please do not introduce advantage-giving MTX items.

  2. don't worry, this is where it ends

Bring back the BF3/4 spotting mechanics. I know that there's divided thoughts on this, but BFV was a ridiculous mix of 'maybe' and annoying.

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