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Yes, slow TTK makes headshots count more, but here is why I think it doesn’t matter in a game like Battlefield.

Battlefield 2 - Yes, slow TTK makes headshots count more, but here is why I think it doesn't matter in a game like Battlefield.

Here are my thoughts on why a fast TTK makes a game like this shine. Please be respectful in criticizing my opinions.

Both in slow TTK and in high TTK skilled players can make their skill value. But it will be LESS FUN in a high ttk situation. Here is why:

  • A fast TTK gives more value to a quick and fast aim to your target. It makes less values to the correction of your aim, so basically who aims correctly first has more chance to win, while with high ttk who can correct his aim to the head first wins.

I will make an example to explain this point better. In most fights, player would start shooting at each other but miss the first one or two shots. This is because they aim approximately in the player direction, and then twist their aim and land some correct shots. A skilled player instantly aims correctly, and gains some advantage in the fight. But this advantage is leveled out if the TTK is longer. Headshots remain a skill mechanic in both situations.

  • A fast TTK makes your skill count MORE than the number of enemies you are facing. A high TTK makes you lose almost all gunfights against multiple enemies. This is because even if you react faster than them, and even if you are able to quicly aim at the first, and quickly and precisely switch your aim towards the second one, with a slow TTK they have all the time to react, correct their aim, and you take 2x damage before being able to drop them both.
  • A slow TTK makes positioning count less, a fast TTK makes it count more. You call it "camping" I call it moving with COVER around me. I am never camping I always run across the battlefield from one flag to the other, but I do it with COVER in my mind. That's why I have FUN and I am able to get great games while having fun.
  • A high TTK means that in crowded situation your peeking and aiming skill counts less. Take the Twisted Steel map, the bridge part. Often there are lots of people there, and you obviously are supposed to cover yourself and peek carefully to get an idea of where enemies are. In a fast TTK game you can actually peek, locate the enemy, use your steady, fast and controlled aim to take it down and take cover again before he and others can respond with more than one or two bullets. In a slow TTK you are deprived of your skill. If you take too much to kill the said enemy, other players around him will have enough time to notice where your shots come from and the fight will become a 1vs5.THIS IS A CROWDED GAME, not a 5 v 5, and slow TTK totally breaks the crowded gameplay, makes your skill count less than ever.
  • In a high TTK you can be less aggressive. In a fast TTK the fact that you CAN outplay more than one enemy at a time makes you have more FUN cause you don't have to absolutely care only about enemy number. You can move around fast, if you encounter someone you can drop him fast, if you encounter more than one you have a chance to survive, if you use your cover well you can face even groups of enemies. You are encouraged in being more aggressive, which does NOT mean it encourages you in running in an open field.
  • A slow TTK encourages people to just run around without being tactical. This makes the game more chaotic, cause enemies are less predictable, they can more likely move in groups in the open and come from directions they would normally avoid. But with a more power to the "number" and less to the positioning, you can easily see people fighting in open fields, making the number count more.
  • A slow TTK kills the flanks. Right now if you are able to flank the enemy, and it is NOT easy, you can clearly have an advantage, that you DESERVED. With the new TTK this will count a lot less, cause you are really likely to be noticed before being able to drop more than one enemy. Being able to flank is something really important, and it's really satisfying when you do it.
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The skilled player in a slow TTK 64 players game is forced to not push the enemy but to stick in the "group", to camp a position like a trench and wait for people pushing. A skilled player is forced in avoiding every fight against multiple enemies. All the players start moving in large groups, and this doesn't mean SQUAD tactical play, but just using the number as a weapon. BF1 created this gameplay where you basically never want to be alone. Never want to push an objective unless you are clearly more than the enemy. The squad play is not anymore good because you have a good squad, but just because you are now in 4.

I'll add that headshots STILL matter in the older TTK model, but they are not the ONLY thing that matters. Cause some people say that all the problems I listed are solvable just by doing headshot… But this way, headshots would become the only thing that matters in this game as a skill factor. And I don't like it, I want to give the same importance to all the other factors I listed here.

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