CoD: Black Ops 4

60 Dollars.

black ops 4 7 - 60 Dollars.

I have spent $60 on this game, not a penny more, not a penny less. Well, wait, actually exactly a penny less. I have spent $59.99 on this game. I have never bought COD points or a Season Pass or a Deluxe/Platinum/Beryllium package bundle drop stash. I have had a lot of fun playing both by myself and with my friends. Hundreds of hours of fun. For $60 $59.99. I know that amount of play time is not a rarity among the player pool, considering how many BO prestige level 26 players have tink-tink-tink-tink-KREUWNTXCH'd my mediocre ass and proceeded to hump my lifeless face. And I've enjoyed it.

I understand that being bombarded by dozens of offers for tchotchkes and trinkets is annoying. I am annoyed by it. But it doesn't make the game bad. Zooming through the hills of Middle Map on an ATV, caroming off trees, weaving through the mesh minefields of Rivertown and dodging the pewm-pewms whirring past your head, all while the blue hurt tickles your tactical cheeks only to screech to a halt, zone's edge, and grapple onto the roof of Factory to spit fire at that pesky Paladin sweat lord isn't any less exhilaratingly epic because someone tried to sell you something for $2 on the start menu.

There was pretty popular post awhile ago that posited an analogy. The writer compared the addition of microtransactions into the system to your hypothetical favorite restaurant changing the price of a burger and fries from $9.99 or whatever to $5 for the burger and bun, then $1 for the tomato, $1 for the pickles, $1 for the fries, etc. But this is a terrible analogy. If this analogy was sound, it would suggest a more consumer-friendly system than the $9.99 take it or leave it option. It would be great to have the option to purchase either Multiplayer or Blackout mode only for $30 $29.995 each. But the microtransactions implemented by Activision are not an à la carte system of purchasing COD-burgers as the analogy suggests. A proper analogy would be this: you can purchase the same burger and fries you've always had, for the same price its always been, or you can pay $1 extra to have it served on a fancier plate, $1 for a place mat with a cool bunny on it, $1 for a crazy straw. Yeah, the extra shit is mostly shit. But you can still just pay the same fucking $9.99 you always did before for the same fucking burger and fries you've always had. Heck it'll even get upgraded every year and we'll still just charge you $9-fucking-99.


A group of people create a thing that didn't exist before. They say, "you can pay us x amount and have our thing we created, or you can keep your money." The price that a company sets for their product only enters the territory of ethics if that product is vital to human life and the company has a monopoly over the production of it. The price of a unique piece of entertainment can't be deemed unethical, because you don't have a right to any specific kind of entertainment that anyone creates.

If you have just one minute of free time and access to video games, or even electricity for that matter, and $60 $59.99 to spend on entertainment you are one lucky Goddamned human being. If you have hours and hours of time to spend playing video games, and then more free time on top of that to complain about those video games, go punch yourself in your own face, because you have managed to turn a dream life into your own petty, entitled waking nightmare. In the words of Deangelo Vickers, "I don't care what your favorite flavor is. Here's a bowl of ice cream. You either like it or you don't. That's my attitude right now in this room, and that's my attitude on Ice Cream Thursdays."

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