CoD: Black Ops 4

A Complete History of Mastercrafts, MKIIs, and DLC Weapons

black ops 4 5 - A Complete History of Mastercrafts, MKIIs, and DLC Weapons

This post is intended to serve as a reference for all weapons and variants released so far, including information about how and when they were released. I will continue to edit this for future releases, so please let me know if there is any missing or inaccurate info.

Note: at the beginning of Black Ops 4, all Mastercrafts and MKIIs came bundled together with a reactive camo as Signature Weapons. The user interface was poor, the challenges were tedious, and the concept itself was confusing, so these were no longer used after Operation: First Strike. These Signature Weapon Bundles are indicated below with the abbreviation SWB.

Pre-Order Bonuses

Strife: Divinity SWBGameStop pre-order bonus

  • Strife MKII
  • Access Denied Reactive Camo
  • Divine Justice (Strife Mastercraft)

MX9: Patriot SWBDigital Deluxe pre-order bonus

  • MX9 MKII
  • Take It Personally Reactive Camo
  • Soldier of Fortune (MX9 Mastercraft)

Operation: First Strike

Contraband Stream

Tier #50 – Titan: Sandstorm SWB

  • Titan MKII
  • Soul Eater Reactive Camo
  • Black Knight (Titan Mastercraft)

Tier #105 – GKS: Damascus SWB

  • Killathon Reactive Camo
  • Tactical Unicorn (GKS Mastercraft)

Tier #200 – ICR-7: Blinding Glory SWB

  • ICR-7 MKII
  • Classified Reactive Camo
  • Summon (ICR-7 Mastercraft)

Blackjack's Shop

Maddox: Carbon Cobra SWB

  • Maddox MKII
  • Rampage Reactive Camo
  • $treet (Maddox Mastercraft)


SG-12: Killcano SWB

  • SG-12 MKII
  • Vanguard Reactive Camo
  • Boombox (SG-12 Mastercraft)

Operation: Absolute Zero

Contraband Stream

  • Tier #25 – Secret Santa (melee weapon)
  • Tier #50 – Daemon 3XB
  • Tier #75 – Fighter Ace (ABR 223 Mastercraft)
  • Tier #100 – Swat RFT
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Barbarians Event

  • Tier #25 – KAP 45

Blackjack's Shop

  • Slay Bell (melee weapon)
  • Great Lion (Saug 9mm Mastercraft)
  • Valkyrie (Paladin HB50 Mastercraft)
  • Vampire Hunter (Vapr-XKG Mastercraft)


  • Replicant (Mozu Mastercraft)

Operation: Grand Heist

Contraband Stream

  • Tier #25 – Cha-Ching (melee weapon)
  • Tier #50 – Rampage
  • Tier #75 – ZX 7000 (Auger DMR Mastercraft)
  • Tier #100 – Switchblade X9

Blackjack's Shop

  • Enforcer (MOG 12 Mastercraft)
  • Zero G (Cordite Mastercraft)
  • Swordfish MKII
  • Home Wrecker (melee weapon)


  • Kuromaku (KN-57 Mastercraft)
  • High Noon (Outlaw Mastercraft)
  • KAP 45 MKII
  • Daemon 3XB MKII
  • Swat RFT MKII
  • Koshka MKII
  • Cordite MKII
  • Rampart 17 MKII


  • Weapon Crate (guaranteed MKII)

Operation: Spectre Rising, pt. 1

Contraband Stream

  • Tier #25 – Nifo'oti (melee weapon)
  • Tier #50 – Tigershark

Blackjack's Shop

  • Venom Cocktail (Hades Mastercraft)
  • Lost Patrol (SDM Mastercraft)


  • Rampage MKII
  • Vapr-XKG MKII
  • Switchblade X9 MKII
  • Spitfire MKII

Operation: Spectre Rising, pt. 2 (Days of Summer)

Contraband Stream

  • Tier #25 – Ranged Weapon Bribe
  • Tier #50 – Vendetta

Fourth of July Event

  • Tier #15 – Ultra Weapon Bribe

Blackjack's Shop

  • Rising Tide (melee weapon)
  • Ahab's Revenge (Swordfish Mastercraft)
  • Deep Voyage (Spitfire Mastercraft)


Weapons added to reserves for the first time

  • Locus
  • Peacekeeper
  • S6 Stringray
  • Ballistic Knife
  • Odin's Song (RK 7 Garrison Mastercraft)

Community Contract

  • Grav

Operation: Apocalypse Z

Contraband Stream

  • Tier #20 – Wundergewehr 115 (Koshka Mastercraft)
  • Tier #40 – Ultra Weapon Bribe

Blackjack's Shop

  • Gearhead (ICR-7 Mastercraft)


  • Argus
  • Reaver C86
  • Imaginator (Daemon 3XB Mastercraft)
  • MOG 12 MKII
  • Saug 9mm MKII
  • Vendetta MKII

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