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A few things that annoy me as a Hardcore Mode Player

black ops 4 2 - A few things that annoy me as a Hardcore Mode Player

Hey All,

I've played Hardcore since COD4. To the point now where I can't play core at all.

I do have a few things that really do annoy me from the hardcore perspective and wanted to share these to see if I'm not alone.

1) Nomad's dog. I think Nomads dog should have lower health on Hardcore. It isn't fair that you can put an entire clip into the doggie and it not die. In my opinion it should have say 78 health.

2) Don't crowd: This point is aimed at choke points or advantage spots. Too often I'll be at a choke point or vantage point and I'll have two or three team mates come stand next to me. On core this is a valid tactic, power in numbers and with a slower TTK you'll often be able to lockdown an area. On hardcore this does the opposite. You'll find that you have a high chance of killing your team mate if they strafe in front of you. Or the enemy can get three easy kills if they manage to get the drop on you. Bottom line is: If I'm in a vantage spot or choke point, down crowd up. No reason for it.

Wait was that an enemy? Teammates shouldn't get too trigger happy. Honestly this is my biggest bug bear with the game right now. Team mates will see you pass them and kill you because they didn't look properly. I'd rather take 2 seconds to verify and get a close look than to tap the fire button and get the team kill. When I do take a few extra seconds to look, rarely is it an actual enemy and even when it is, I still tend to kill them.


Have faith in the man in front of you: Too often do I see someone shoot me in the back after I've killed someone in front of me because my 'helpful' team mate didn't think I'd manage to kill the guy in front of me. To help combat this I never run directly behind someone, I'll run to the right or left. of them so if they do become engaged in a gun fight hopefully my line of sight is clear to assist them or if they do get killed, I can then kill the attacker.

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Be careful with streaks: One of my biggest annoyances is running streaks that can get your team killed. I tend to avoid streaks like the thrasher, hell storm Mantis and Dart. The lighting strike is generally okay. My advice is to go with passive streaks like the UAV, Counter Uav or less powerful destructive streaks like the snipers nest.

This is my Specialist Boom Stick: Try to avoid specialist like Battery. To be honest most of the specialists are okay for Hardcore but Battery is a team killing machine, too often teammates will throw a grenade and it'll land near you and the explosive will kill you or the mini grenades will. The war machine is a death trap.

Anyway these are some of the biggest annoyances from a Hardcore Players Perspective. Does anyone else think this is annoying as well?

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