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After about 700 Blackout wins (PC), here are (imo) the issues with the game.

black ops 4 3 - After about 700 Blackout wins (PC), here are (imo) the issues with the game.

Because this is going to sounds complainy, I want to preface this by saying I've really enjoyed the game. But it has some pretty irritating problems, and my friends are all quitting the game until these get resolved and I'd like to see it continue to improve and remain fun.

For some quick background if anyone cares, my name is Rough and I'm currently #3 in wins on PC. I don't say that to brag, and honestly wins aren't even really the best indicator of player skill or anything, but just because hopefully it lends some credence to my complaints.

#1: The Mog: The gun is flat out ridiculous and now that people have caught on, you're almost forced to run one or you just die to one. It's pre-nerf SDM levels of broken and it's the main reason most my friends are quitting. It's just not fun to steamroll with it every game, and if you're not using it, you're getting steamrolled by it. I think 75% of my deaths are to this gun at this point. It's completely dominant in cqc, and reaches way too far. In a game where most decent players are running around in T2/T3 and 200 hp, getting 2 pumped from mid range by a gun you mostly don't have to aim with while you're expected to land between 6-11 shots with an AR is… a little bit ridiculous. It's flat out too strong, has too much range, and feels very unrewarding to use in a game that otherwise feels pretty good to shoot at mans in. It feels bizarre to type that shooting someone with a pump action shotgun is boring, but it really is.

Possible suggestions: Lower the effective range by giving it significant damage drop off so you don't instantly lose half your hp to a lucky mid-range shot, or require the gun to at least be ADS'd to reach the current levels of damage (maybe increase the spread on hipfire more, but tighten it more on ADS?).

#2: Concussion Grenades: Rejoice, the era of 9bangs ended… and then Treyarch put the flash on Concs for some reason. These things are hilariously easy to use and 100% guarantee a kill (or two) if you vaguely place one within AC-130 range of someone who didn't find 4 Reinforced Perks or duct taped a Trophy to their chest. 'But just play around them!' Sure, with perfect information and slowing down enough to always have perks and a trophy prepared you can, but it forces the game to slow down and they flat out aren't fun to use. It was funny the first time in squads when we conc'd the last guy like 12 times for a minute straight and he couldn't do anything. But once that wears off it becomes pretty much a free win button, and I don't think that should exist in this game. At the very least, the grenade is way overloaded. If it's going to blind, you should be able to respond, move around, or fight back in some way. And they should be harder to use. CC in an FPS game is a pain in the ass and this grenade delivers it in the laziest way possible.

Possible suggestions: Allow players to move/ads/reload like normal if the flash remains on it so the grenade functions like a regular flashbang and players can at least have some agency to fight back or get rid of the flash altogether and reduce the blast radius by a decent amount or both.


#3. Tier 3 Armor: Honestly the main issue is the headshot protection. The headshot ratio for damage is already very low in this game (but at least bypassing armor mitigates that a bit), but adding it to T3 armor is a massive skill ceiling reducer. If you have T1 and they have T2, you can headshot someone in a straight up fight pull out a win. If someone has T3 and you don't (assume competent players), you just don't out shoot them. And by the end of the game with armor repairs, almost everyone who is decent is going to have T3… so while it's (usually) an even playing field, it's flattening a skill curve at a time when the best players should be shining. FPS games thrive on risk reward, and going for headshots is an iconic example of that. With every other armor, it's high risk, high reward. With T3 it's high risk, zero reward, and it makes the other issues (braindead concs and shotguns w+m1) much worse.

Possible suggestions: Get rid of the helmet. Also the helmet looks dumb.

#4. QoL/Bugs/Hackers: I can't really complain too much about this stuff, because if you fixed the rest I'd happily deal with it, but I lumped them all in here in one last section. Here's the quick and dirty — * Loot bags closing by themselves (I know it's being worked on but c'mon man) * Throwing utility when you use heal (If you ADS and press heal, you'll throw your utility often even if it's unbound. And sometimes it happens even without that repro) * Crashing… and crashing… and crashing. It seems like it's getting worse. Crashing 4 times in a row is ridiculous. Error code pls no. * This is forever a problem in games and it's usually overblown, but we run into the same people blatantly walling or aimbotting fairly often. I get that bans happen in waves typically, but it'd be nice to see some of these guys gotten rid of. Fortunately it's usually very bad players doing it. * Jumping/mantling at Cargo Docks. Something about this area makes my character literally unable to mantle onto boxes.

The last bits are all more minor annoyances then anything, but I figured I'd mention them. The game really is fun. The movement is great, pacing is good, the weapon balance is mostly good, and the game is usually pretty rewarding. It's a lot of fun to make big plays with a grapple, to run around getting 15+ kills a game in a BR, to chain shots on someone running around with an AR. It's pretty great that you can have a preference for this AR or that, this SMG or that, and not feel massively gimped or stuck slaving to a meta gun. But the big three problems really put a damper on things. It makes the game feel like it requires very low skill, and it makes the game boring even when you win because they require no effort to use. It feels very weird that three of us are 2/3/4 in wins on PC and everyone wants to quit.

Anyway, if you read this, thanks. Please feel free to contribute some suggestions for fixes.

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    Eve Hunt
    May 08, 2019 1:30 am

    Your description of the way the crowd’s rooting interest shifts sounds a lot like how MTG matches go. Fans go into a match rooting for the player but their opponent plays an “underdog” card, and, BAM, we are rooting for that obscure card. I don’t play video games because I lose interest before I get any good.

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