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After playing Infected for roughly 3 weeks, here are my thoughts on what could significantly improve the mode.

black ops 4 5 - After playing Infected for roughly 3 weeks, here are my thoughts on what could significantly improve the mode.

18 Players – Get the obvious improvement out there, the more players the better. It's what makes infected, infected! I see a lot of people also mentioning a 100 player variation of the mode in Blackout… That would be absolutely insane.

Create a class – This NEEDS to happen. BO3 did this and I felt Treyarch did a great job of it. Would add some great variety to the mode and different approaches from teammates when in a party. Failing that, dedicating a class to everyone for the specific map like MW3 & ghosts did, i.e. Arsenal-Titan, Arsenal-Paladin, Nuketown-SG12 etc. Means camo's and other unlockables could be added to weapons which would be nice, these bland looking weapons are boring when there are hundreds of camos available, seems a waste?

Specialists – Again, BO3 did this and I felt the balancing was fair, can't see it being a problem in BO4. Variety is key and along with create a class, would keep the mode fresh and draw in players to play more.

No recharging Axe – This for me is the biggest issue right now. Axe's already annoy me with how much they bounce compared to the throwing knife, let alone getting a new one every 10 seconds. This causes those who are infected to camp behind cover, throw an axe, then hide and wait for a recharge, rinse and repeat. Stops the infected from charging at you (unless there's 1/2 alive), which again makes Infected, infected! 1 axe per life is perfectly balanced.

Tactical Insertion & Spawns – See no reason why we haven't got tac inserts. Nobody likes sprinting for 30 seconds upon death across the map. Failing that, choosing available spawn locations as long as somebody isn't like 5 yards away.

Stats shouldn't count when playing Infected – Failing this, add a separate section for party modes similarly to how blackout does with limited time gamemodes. Just to add I'm not a stat whore myself, but I get the complaints from those that are. Infected is literally a boosting machine when it comes to W/L & K/D ratios.

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AFK – I don't see the point in hiding myself in this mode but being kicked for being AFK is a bit silly. Alright, just jiggle the right stick but if in prone or using an emote, the AFK clock shouldn't apply.

Death barriers and known glitches – Keep doing you Treyarch, patch the glitches when they're known by the community, nobody likes exploits in Infected. Good work.


10-second addition – I feel like this just doesn't work. If the first player(s) infected suck then it's pretty much GG. 3 minutes wasted just emoting. Just re-round the clock to 2 minutes remaining once somebody becomes infected (including when somebody kills themselves to revive the game). I feel most people play to get a nuclear/nuke/moab etc rather than stay alive anyway but that's an argument for another day.

Rounds – Adding on to the previous comment, rounds. Every infected game is over so fast, add rounds to it. Would also make it a tad harder for people to win every game too. Tad annoying when you wait for a favourite map and you're the first infected, rounds fix that.

Killstreaks – I'm torn on this one. Not lethal killstreaks but gaining perks, equipment or something upon getting kills. Same for the infected with tacticals like smoke grenades? Some thoughts and testing needed on this one but specialist streaks on MW3 were amazing (including private lobbies). I admit killstreaks, create a class and specialists could be a bit much for the infected when there's 5 or less but a well-coordinated group with an axe each are capable of some damage.

Make the mode permanent – I don't see why this mode and other party modes aren't permanent. Infected has a pretty large following and in my eyes, it's only keeping players away rather than keeping it fresh upon its return.

XP – I feel the XP is about right but because the game is so short you hardly get any from playing it. Rounds would fix that.

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Final Killcam – I feel this needs to replace the 'play of the game'. the 'play of the game' in Infected is rarely worth watching just based on how the mode is, not always though I admit but Final killcam I feel is just better.

Zombie sound effect – I feel this is a great addition but maybe reduce how often the zombies make a noise? Make's it harder to sneak up on people and would only balance it somewhat for the infected.

As an avid infected fan, I hope some of these ideas get brought in. I've played all the infected variations on COD and I feel this has the potential to be up there with MW3 & Ghosts with a bit of work.

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