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All stereotypes for BO4 weapons (specter rising)

black ops 4 2 - All stereotypes for BO4 weapons (specter rising)

!!!Disclaimer!!!This post is about players who use their favorite weapon or a weapon that they mainly use in BO4, (Hence the term "main" Because of this, the player and the weapon will at some point create a stereotype to them, all without knowing. If the stereotype does not apply to you PLEASE DO NOT GET OFFENDED OR UPSET, since OBVIOUSLY not everyone is like this. This is for discussion/ entertainment purposes. Thank you for reading this before hand.

Also yes every weapon is in this post, you can scroll around to find your weapon, or you can read every word that is on this post if you want. Disappointed with the stereotype? Try making a better one in the comments!


Ah yes, a weapon that is good for all situations. This weapon can handle enemies, zombies, enemies with LV3 armor. That's because there's nothing funky going on with this weapon, (Unless if you count the large selection of optics on the ICR) this weapon is brutally honest with its given stats. As a result the players reflect this when using the ICR. Since a good chunk of players use this weapon the skill ranges consist of "Can't Shoot Anything" to "A Literal Fucking God". What unite these players however, is the fact that they played the older Call of Duty titles before. Long before shooting games turned to shit.

(2016 was the death for shooting games IMO)


This player is fairly new to BO4 or even Call of Duty in general, if given the chance to however, he/she would point out that he is noticeably doing really well at this game. Chances are, this person is using the Kn-57 because they're using a default setup, or because "It looks like an AK47; sO ThAt MeaNS It MuST BE pOwErFuL?!". If you ever have one of these players, then be thankful to the matchmaking system, because at least this player can go (16:20) instead of (2:50).

Unless, you have this player. He is anyone's worst nightmare! He dominates EVERYONE, and he can easily pubstomp, you if he has the chance. This Kn-57 main, is really good… Only in Hacienda

Rampart 17

This is where Maddox tryhards took shelter after the nerf. Rampart players have really bad aim, so they rely on their High Caliber II high damage that the rampart has. What's sad is, these players actually DO main the Rampart. They one trick this weapon, cause any other weapon would feel like using the pistol against an LMG. Needless to say, Their Ego is as high as their Fire Rate, their IQ is low as their range, and if they somehow get Best Play over someone who has gotten a quad feed with a Sniper, just tell them,


You would think that these players would have a bayonet on their rifles right? Oh, you are dead wrong. Ironically, VAPR mains are the ones who complain about knifing the most in this game. Also, these guys really hate close range combat because they get out damaged a lot. The best option at this point is to, you know "put the bayonet on the VAPR". But no, it all sums up to them begging for Treyarch to buff the VAPR, yet they still use it because it has Stock II on it. The lesson here is please, for your KD's sake, PUT A BAYONET ON IT!

People who DO put bayonets on the VAPR have a noticeably higher KD than the ones who don't, in fact these guys are always between 20 to 30 kills every game. These guys like knifing and shooting too… So watch out?

Maddox RFB

Aside from blackout and Zombies. There are multiple stereotypes for Maddox players. You can sort them out mostly by the camos that they put on the Maddox.

  1. None

This player is doing camo challenges on the Maddox post patch (poor soul). Or he/ she saw a video that was 7 months old titled

. Little did, the little Maddox main know is that the Muertos/ Operation First Strike, days are now over.

  1. Gold/ Diamond

This player want's to relive the glory days of the Maddox. He REFUSES to believe that the Maddox was nerfed, and his overall KD is suffering from the use of the Maddox. Legend says, if you look at someone's diamond camo Maddox late in the game (TDM), it has never changed color.

  1. Dark Matter

This guy is the opposite of how Gold/ Diamond behave (surprisingly). He's cool with the Maddox (because he's actually good at the game). In fact, this player plays like as if the Maddox was pre-patched. Chances are, he plays CWL a lot, and he gives out good tips to get better in Call of Duty, if you're his friend.

  1. Black Market/ Mastercraft/ Reactive

This is a wild card. Meaning that this player can literally be anyone of these 3. Or a casual who enjoys this game like everyone normal.

Swat RFT

To understand this weapon, you must understand this conversation.

*ICR: ***Does a thing**

Swat: Hey boy! what is up!?

ICR: Be quiet. My name is the ICR-7 and who are you?

Swat: I'm

ICR: Ok, what make you "better than me"?

Swat: I'm the best weapon in blackout!

ICR: So is every Assault Rifle, except for the Maddox!

Swat: **Frantically Looks in the armory*

Swat: I can attach a suppressor! Can you?

ICR: Can you reach longer ranges and punish snipers?

Swat: No **whimpers and starts to cry as it walks away**

It's the ICR, but worse. That's all folks! (lazy)


H… Hello?


Does anyone use this weapon?

Jokes aside You only see above average players use this weapon, but only above average Because no one knows, or has any idea that this weapon exists…

Wait yeah they do! It's just that no one want's to acknowledge it's existence cause it's boring to use, honestly.

Read:  I decided to throw everything out on the table. No more mega-threads regarding one issue. This is everything that’s wrong with Black Ops 4, and modern Call of Duties as a whole.


You see, back in operation First Strike, a good amount of players used this SMG. Not because the weapon was good back then, but because this weapon was really funny to use. Until the Cod community grew up. GKS players will remember that Long Barrel II, was the most useful attachment in call of duty because the horn on the unicorn did a loopy loop, defying the physics of bullets.


Honestly, I am happy to know that there are P90 fans playing Call of Duty still. As a P90 fan, there's a reason why we all like this gun, and it's because of the magazine size! That standard 35 mag, is a spec of dust compared to 60, or 90! Think it’s not overkill? There's the Belt feed, no need to reload girl, just keep shooting. P90 fans know that the Cordite has bad recoil, just give it grip and the recoil is steady It shoots for a very long time


No, just no. NO! This weapon is no longer abused, as it was back then, in "Those days". If you where not there to experience it at the time, This weapon used to be bane of both player's, and developer's existence. This weapon shoots really fast (as it does today), but it's range was similar to that of "any regular smg", and the recoil was close to nonexistent, if you ADS. Don't get me started with Laser Sight II! Thing is, all that you would know is that anyone wearing the Muertos Prophet skin ( WILL USE THE SPITFIRE. Not convinced? It was so overpowered, the Saug and Maddox lost to it. The Spitfire beat shotguns. SHOTGUNS.! Finally they where immune to the knife (cause the knifers can't reach them on time).

Thankfully now that the developers nerf that gun, players today yearn for a revert or at least a buff on the spitfire one day. For now, all i can say to those small group of people is, )

Saug 9mm

Think of the Maddox stereotype but 2X vehement, because people cared more about this weapon, and so did their mothers.

Now for those who didn't read all of it here it is

The stereotypes are diverse, and can be identified from the camos being used

  1. None

This player is doing camo challenges on the Saug post patch (poor soul). Or he/ she saw a video that was 7 months old titled

. Little did, the little Saug main know is that the Muertos/ Operation First Strike, days are now over.

  1. Gold/ Diamond

This player want's to relive the glory days of the Saug. He REFUSES to believe that the Saug was nerfed, and his overall KD is suffering from the use of the Saug. ThAnK fULLy It GoT BuFFed TwIcE!

  1. Dark Matter

This guy is the opposite of how Gold/ Diamond behave (surprisingly). He's cool with the Saug (because he's actually good at the game). In fact, this player plays like as if the Saug was pre-patched. Chances are, he doesn't play CWL, and he is an absolute leech who goes on the mic, and anyone who plays an unorthodox style (uses any weapon but the Meta.) He trash talks then leaves.

  1. Black Market/ Mastercraft/ Reactive

This is a wild card. Meaning that this player can literally be anyone of these 3. Or a casual who enjoys this game like anyone normal.

Daemon 3XB

You see tryhards use this weapon. No one else, just tryhards.


You see tryhards use this weapon. No one else ju— I've said this before…

Ok… Tryhards try (LITERALLY) to prove that this weapon does not suck especially since a video was made saying the switchblade is shit. Even after it got a buff, They still jerk off to this idea that "people still think the switchblade sucks, so i'll prove them wrong by pub stomping" mentality . We do believe you, it's just that no one cares.

Auger DMR

You think the Rampart deals a ton a damage? Here comes Ganondorf; in a gun. You can hear, the muffled sounds of OUIYAH!!! Every time he get's a kill with that thing. The person himself is a wildcard. He could be casual, a tryhard, team player. Anyone you can think of, have probably used the Auger.

ABR 223

He is a competitive player, who takes his games seriously. He goes all in when the moment is right to strike his opponents. He takes streaks, takes objectives, takes names. This man is a force to be reckon with

However, abr players don't have time to deal with weak Swordfish mains. As one said "Imagine having to use an extra bullet to kill someone This comment was left by the ABR gang ( u/cwdii)" Also, why waste time on a weapon with no Stock II or Repeater on it?


He is a competitive player, who holds an important gaming career. He defends when the situation is needed. He holds areas, holds objectives, holds a reputation. This man, is an iron wall.

Swordfish players, sees their rival as a baby. Swordfish players scoff at the sight of the ABR. "I see as big brother swordfish and little brother ABR. (u/Punisher60710)". Like penta burst makes it a one burst, why not just use the Swordfish?!


This player, is someone who drops trash exactly where he stood a few seconds ago. This player would close the door right in front of an elderly. This player plays Torque or Nomad and camps the rest of the game. He doesn't care weather he's playing fair or not. He will exploit the game if he has to win. He is r/trashy.

VKM 750

A select few use this weapon, but if a VKM main uses it, he will destroy the lobby. Weapons like these are mostly off the radar and yet silently dominates every match. Or they camp every match and go negative, just because. No one says anything abut them either. Also, question, what does the fat barrel even do?

Read:  Do not support this game any longer, do not purchase Black Ops 5


That corss bar got everyone excited, don't lie to me. Hades players want to avoid the stigma that "LMG players camp all the time." What way to prove them wrong, is to use an lmg that's pretty much an Assault Rifle. Anyways, this player runs and guns or plays cod normally. Maybe he likes using ARs, and all he wants is a cordite version of an Assault Rifle. What a Mysterious player.


Really… Hades #2? That's it Treyarch? (I have nothing to say about them because the weapon is fairly new).

Paladin HB50

Oh goodie! Your typical, quickscoper. Let's say that this guy thinks he's a hotshot or something. Probably goes on youtube and says the following.

What is up guys, It's your BOIIIIIIIIII Trend hoppin Dick soppin, and today We'll be quickscpoing players and **stabbed** WHAT I GOT KNIFED!?!?!?!??!!??!


No matter what you say, this sniper sucks. I see countless players using this gun, and countless players going negative! For your KD's sake stop using this weapon!


Players who mainly use this weapon are actually good. No one knows about this hidden gem, because they use auto weapons, with target assist. So way to go for mastering a low tier weapon, with no target assist SDM mains! This is a real congratulations to you, you guys show true dedication.


Same thing as the paladin player. But this time, they want to shoot fast steadier. And become the Inner Russian that they always knew they, and Youtube where!


Oh look, a wannabe stealth player. aside form the "discount five seven" that you managed to pull off with your trigger finger, I would like to congratulate you for putting the effort to use pistol over every single primary. And unlike the VIPR mains, you guys actually put the bayonet on your weapon, making you a force to be reckoned with.


Wow, how many time do i have to say this?

Not many people know about this weapon, this weapon is actully good but players see the big guns all the time. People who dedicate to pistols, would know that it's a reliable non dlc weapon if you snipe.


This player is a competitive player, mostly because the weapon is good for backing you up at the hardest of times.

The player who use the skull splitter however. Oh, oh boy….. Have you played Csgo? No? Well get ready to be instakilled by a pistol, and so will your strike team.

KAP 45

Oh this, is where the RK7 mains are! Forget what I said about the RK7, it's trash. Kap mains are like smg players, but without the Toxicity that comes from them. They know the weapon is weak, but they don't care becuse they are dominating the match with a pistol.

MOG 12

I get it, these players hate the stigma that "shotguns are op" stuff keeps coming up over and over again. But let me be the one to tell you that they are right, and wrong. Your mog 12 is a slug round shotgun if upgraded, and there's no real counter against shotguns (if flack jacket even cunts).


FORGET EVERYTHING I SAID ABOUT THE MOG 12! This person, can shove that flashlight right up! You knew you where cancer, Treyarch knows you're cancer, and they are gonna nerf you at some point. NO matter where you go or what you do,you can try to feel ecstasy from your misdeeds that you've done, but you get nothing, )


This weapon was a let down to most players (Mainly SG12 fags), But no worries, at least the brecci is not in the game. So Rampage mains, feel free to give Rampage!

Helion Slavo

Thank you ,thank you ,and thank you. For being on my team and trying to do a good thing for us. You are a hero to the cod community. Unless you are fully using it to get kills or something… Have fun then.

Combat Knife

I feel so sorry for these guys. People yell scream, get mad, and even send hate mail just for knifing. Listen, no matter what people say, what people do, or what your situation is. Don't give up on knifing, because knifing is an art in Shooting Games. Don't believe me? well here is a youtuber that will inspire you to knife in BO4

You know who this guys is if you knife a lot

Remember, this took hardwork and practice. Not everyone is a master. But trust me, by being a knife main. You are way better, than those who spam the Saug and the Maddox. Good luck Weeaboo Jones.

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