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All the hate Treyarch is receiving…

black ops 4 5 - All the hate Treyarch is receiving...

…is completely warranted. This update is awful in just about any way you look at it.

Apparently having 1000 filler items of useless stickers and emblems and calling cards isn't enough. Apparently having to unlock every camo for every weapon separately isn't enough (that's about 30-40 weapons, depending on the gamemode you're playing). Apparently having to unlock every weapon charm and every death mark for each gun separately isn't enough either. We then, on top of all that, have to have a duplicate system that is OBVIOUSLY spewing out duplicates at a disproportionate number to fresh content (I literally just logged in for this new operation and opened 23 care packages and got 15 duplicates as a casual couple hours a day player. There is no way this system can be "random" with those results. That's shady business to say the absolute very least). How can you honestly see these breakdowns and wonder "hmm. I wonder why we aren't getting a lot of care package sells?". This whole system comes across as something between getting useless items, getting duplicates, or just a flat out waste of money. I'm sure I've opened a couple hundred reserves by now and I got ONE good item that I actually use: Vacation Hudson.

Also, as a side note, how the heck did they launch a new season without having an awesome reactive camo being featured??? A mastercraft for what HAS to be the least popular gun in the game? Are you kidding me? A copper turd colored camo?? That is a horrible business decision. Flat out. Reactive camos and dope, unique outfits have to be 80% of their purchased content.

How about some lost functionality?? Here I'll make a list……. For those who are unaware, you can no longer go to the menu in game and hit Triangle/Y to eliminate all of those annoying green "new" tabs all at once. I always thought this was an AWESOME feature because 99% of the new content or outfits that you get are completely worthless and you'll never wear them (plus it was a nice work around when you got the annoying "new" bug but didn't have anything new). Hey how about the fact that blackout custom matches are still on the old map? That's right. Can't even load in and explore new spots/host in houses/kill time because they just decided to not update the map. Oh yeah, the gestures reset again. They're already incredibly hard to use since you can't cancel mid animation like pretty much any other game (cough cough Fortnite cough cough). These things reset literally every single decent sized patch. I don't even bother to set mine anymore and just use the crappy default ones (notably the chicken spray paint). You die nearly every time you try to emote because they last so long.

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The new operation is, to say the very least, underwhelming. It only has 6 outfits. One of them (tier 49) is an insult. Why is it even in there with the other outfits?? There are no reactive camos. Only 1 gun, which is an LMG (by far the least used, talked about, or cared about class outside of MAYBE Black Ops 2). In contrast we have 33 calling cards and stickers. THIRTY THREE. None of which are above "Rare" tier, meaning none are animated. That's 66% of the operation that is completely useless filler content, and that's even with assuming you care about the 6 outfits, any of the gestures, a melee weapon, reticles and an LMG (a stretch, to say the least). When you collect all 6 calling cards in each set you do get a cooler animated one, however. This operation introduced weapon charms (which should have been in the game since day 1), but then didn't have any weapon charms in the operation??? Replace all those common stickers with a cool dangly charm. What the heck? That just seems like common sense. Not sure who is putting together bundles or is in charge of making profitable microtransactions, but it is VERY clear they are out of touch with this community and other successful business models in modern gaming. Treyarch better thank God this is a COD title, because without the namesake a patch like this that is INCREDIBLY anti consumer and anti community would kill a regular game (and if you don't believe me look at other recent games and how quickly their community moved on after major flops).

TL/DR : This is a bad patch. It is a greedy patch. And it SHOULD be getting all of the flack that it is receiving. Everything added is a good idea, but is so poorly implemented that it really kills the whole "wow look new camo" vibe.

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