CoD: Black Ops 4

An open letter to anyone who plays Call of Duty.

black ops 4 5 - An open letter to anyone who plays Call of Duty.

I recently have started playing Call of Duty online with my girlfriend as I have gotten her into playing games with my friend group. They have stopped playing nearly as often, but my girlfriend and I still play. She has just recently gotten into playing video games in general, so she isn't always the highest on our team, and her K/D is usually negative, but she enjoys playing, and I usually can manage to carry her weight so we can still win and have a good time. However, in the past few days more and more often people have been being rude to her, and calling her bad or even just saying mean shit in general about her. We have had several teammates and enemies attack her directly and attack me by association, and then continue to basically harass and bully us until we leave.


This shit needs to stop. Call of Duty for years has been a game with bad associations, as the game of teenagers and the game that usually breeds the most trolls, but those of you who are playing with people who are not doing well, please just stop bullying them. Stop calling them out for not doing well. Stop making it a big deal. It's a video game, and while we all love and cherish our pasts with games, it's unacceptable to gate-keep the hobby that we all enjoy so much. We need to allow others in and accept them and help them understand why we enjoy it so much. She has stopped wanting to play Call of Duty at all because the community on PC (and yes, we do play hardcore) is just so generally abusive and terrible. We really want to play more, but it's incredibly hard when we know that people out there are so toxic. We don't want to turn text chat off entirely, as sometimes it leads to positive interactions and good times, but if that needs to happen instead of being able to play the game without needing to worry which person in the game is going to attack us this time, so be it.

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tl;dr: Guys, please stop making it so difficult for newcomers to Call of Duty or to gaming in general to play the game. I hope none of you redditors are involved, but if you catch yourself in a bad mood, and attacking teammates, think of who is on the other side.

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