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Anti-Consumer MTX | #BadOps4

black ops 4 4 - Anti-Consumer MTX | #BadOps4

Dear Treyarch & Activision,
One "Free" Black Ops II map does not cover the fact you put numerous weapons locked in reserves where you'll have to pay to get them. Then on top of that, there's no guarantee whatsoever you'll get those new weapons anyway because of your ludicrous dupe system, so what was the real point in this Days of Summer update, because now the majority will not even be able to get the new content.

I think I speak for the community when I say we've had enough with being thrown around and treated like utter garbage. When we payed $50+ for Black Ops 4, you promised us "The most updated Call of Duty ever", "Weapons will not be locked into reserves"… and fast-forward 8 months later where new weapons ARE locked in reserves and Black Ops 4 has been starving for content for it's whole life-cycle. Clearly you don't stay true to your word and I'll never trust another thing you spit out your shit-talking mouths again.

For the Black Ops Pass that people pay more for than the actual game costs… for what? New maps? Not everyone owns the Black Ops Pass and not many people buyed or still play Black Ops 4 now… thanks to you. So it's extremely hard for Black Ops Pass owners to even enjoy the content they payed money for. Wow, what a great deal.

The YouTuber TheseKnivesOnly payed $500 into your BS MTX system just so he could get the DLC weapon he should have been able to grind for through the contraband stream for free. He also got an alarming amount of MKII duplicates. There's no guarantee whatsoever that you'll ever even get the weapons in Reserves, so you could pay $10,000 and be so unlucky that you get nothing but MKII duplicates and some weird ass warpaint no one pays attention too. I'm sure many other YouTubers have also spent a huge amount of money just to get weapons that YOU promised would not be locked behind a paywall.


Black Ops 4 has been nothing but a test for Activision to see how far they can push Microtransactions for the next COD which is Modern Warfare and damn, if Modern Warfare comes out with an MTX system like this, then you've just dug your own grave Activision because no one will buy any game from you again. I can hardly even call it a game at this point.

Infinity War and WWII managed to fix things up by this time, why's it taking Black Ops 4 so long? I've got an idea Treyarch, stop working on those god-awful warpaints and outfits (no one will care they're gone) and get them working on more content for the people that payed over $500 for a DLC weapon, Black Ops Pass etc. etc. and for the people that play your game on a regular basis AND fix the god damn MTX system.

We don't ask for much. We want a game where weapons aren't locked behind crates. A game where the MTX is cosmetic ONLY and NO duplicates. A much more consumer-friendly MTX and you'll probably get a lot more happy consumers, a lot more consumers and therefore you'll still make a good amount of money and we'd have a game that is fun to play with more people playing and we can actually enjoy the new content you put out because it's not locked behind $500. No one with a functioning brain will pay $500 for a DLC weapon, idk what you think your target audience is.

I think it's about time we abandon Black Ops 4 until they fix it up and go elsewhere.

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