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Ask How To Counter Instead Of Demanding Stuff To Remove Things You Can’t Win Against…

black ops 4 1 - Ask How To Counter Instead Of Demanding Stuff To Remove Things You Can't Win Against...

TLDR; Almost Everything Has A Counter Or Workaround. If you want to know why I say this, read on.

Let me preface this by saying there are few exceptions to this in my opinion: The overabundance of Lvl 3 armor in Blackout before last Wednesday, the SG12 Strobe Light–though it is not as bad as it was on launch I do not feel as though taking away your aim assist is fair but I deal with it in my own way (avoiding them on CQC period).

But this Reddit has a nasty trend of demanding The developers to remove something instead of combating and countering it.

"Remove the Titan." It is incredibly annoying dealing with this gun on Firing Range, I get that. However, dealing with DMRs on Icebreaker or Arsenal is a pain. Use the map and the specialists everyone complain so much about to remove perched LMG users. Prophet is the first that comes to mind with the Seeker Drone. They have Engineer? Fine, use Battery and her cluster grenades. Feel dirty? Use Ajax and his 9bangs. This brings me to this gem…


"Remove Specialists! Barebones playlist!" As interesting as it would be to play, I don't think people here realize how boring this mode would be. You think people camp now, wait until you have no specialist abilities to possibly remove those campers. The same scenario I posted would be even harder. Not impossible, but I would bet money that people would flood this Reddit about how Firing Range or Nuketown is "unplayable" with this playlist. Also, people seem to not know how to counter other specialists' ultimates. The most prominent is Zero right now. Yes, you can counter her but guess what? You have to use your brain to do it. I know that sounds blasphemous for a CoD game, but hear me out. You hate getting your important streaks stolen bu Zero? Put out a BAIT streak. I will give an example I have used with much success against Zeros. My current setup is Sniper's Nest, Mantis, and Strike Team. If a Zero or two is on the other team and it is mid to late game, I am expecting my Sniper's Nest and Mantis to be destroyed, but my Strike Team will be free. You have to understand that a lot of the "Timmy No Thumbs" <— Who came up with this LMAO– that you guys complain about have no brains either. They don't think three moves ahead. Play chess, not checkers with your scorestreaks.

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That was a long one but this last one is shorter, I promise. "Remove ___ from Blackout." Okay, I don't play Blackout as much as a lot of others, but I have gotten enough solo wins to know that Prep Is KEY! With Armor being repairable now, there is NO excuse. You have Reinforced for those Concussions. You have a Trophy System. You have concussions yourself! You need to play smart in the final circle. I have won a majority of my matches outplaying my opponents by using the perks and gear at my disposal and if I lose, it's MY fault–not Treyarch's.

I'm pretty sure I will get downvoted or ignored for more complaints about the game, but if this helps one person out then I am happy. As I placed in the TLDR at the beginning, just about everything in this game has a counter or workaround. 🙂

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