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black ops 4 7 - Average Player Tips for Multiplayer

When I started Black Ops 4, I struggled. I had a 0.87 k/d ratio before I did a fresh start. I'm now Prestige 6 with a 1.67 k/d. It's nothing to write home about, but I thought I'd share my average player tips and what I've learned. I feel like a lot of YouTube tip videos are a little too advanced and it's what works for them, not for average players. Most YouTubers are above average. They assume players have played the CoD titles and people have some basic knowledge. I feel like this release punishes certain playstyles as I've learned that this CoD punishes the run and gun mentality from previous Call of Duty titles. Yes, some people can make it work, but I quickly found out that this was 80% of my problem.

So lets get into it.

This will mostly focus the following game modes:

Team Deathmatch/Kill Confirmed


I don't play Search & Destroy, Heist, or Control. Just not my flavor so some of these tips may not apply.

Slow Down

This is by far my biggest tip. I was running around the map making poor decisions and you lose a lot of gun fights this way. As you learn the maps, you'll learn peoples lanes, habits, and where they will be camping/coming from. First thing, stop sprinting when you're about to go around a corner. Adjust your aim so that you're facing the direction you're going to be running before you turn the corner. This is a really hard habit to break. I found myself doing this as a fluid motion. Sprinting and turning at the same time. You should be adjusting your aim then sprinting after you check the lane/door.

I caught myself adjusting my aim after I would get around the corner. Maps like Firing Range and Nuketown with long lines of site favor the player who knows and understand where people may be coming from. They're already aiming down site. If you're sprinting around the corner without being ready to defend your position, you're going to lose your gunfight 95% of the time.

Instead of sprinting around the corner try these tips:

  1. Stop sprinting before you go around the corner. You know that there's no one there with you before you round the corner. So there's no reason to be in a hurry to get around the corner. If you're a run and gun player, you will struggle with this.
  2. Before going around the corner, hug the nearest wall/cover. Players have a tendency to aim down the center of a lane. If you're to the left or right of center lane, you have some advantage.
  3. Physically aim your weapon the direction of travel before going around the corner. At this point you're prepared for a gunfight if there is one.

Translate this into how you navigate the map. About to go through a door? Stop sprinting, center your aim, stay ADS and walk through the door. Camper? Don't keep feeding him. Use a different route using the same principals. We've all dealt with the jeep/window camper in Nuketown. The jeep/trailer lane camper on Firing Range. There's routes and ways around them. Stop sprinting into the same areas over and over again. This usually happens when you're frustrated. Revenge killing by running the same route isn't revenge. It's dumb.

This sounds dumb, but think of it like this. You're part of SEAL team and it's your job to clear a building. Put yourself in the shoes of that person. You wouldn't clear a room aiming at a wall. They clear buildings using line of site and caution. Aiming at doors and windows to get the drop on the bad guy.

Understand the Game Mode

Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed should be played as a team. I had a bad habit of running off on my own only to find 2-3 enemy players. I'd pick off one, die, rinse and repeat. These game modes are meant to be played as a team. Stick around teammates. The one thing this game actually rewards you for is team kills. You get the same 100 points the Billy Bob gets, even if you only put one bullet in the enemy.

Try this when playing Kill Confirmed or Team Deathmatch:

  1. Follow a teammate around the entire match. You don't have to be on top of him following his every move. Just shadow them and stay near them. As you get better at this you'll be able to use your HUD and see what lanes he's watching and you can cover him as well as them covering you. Silencers aren't a big deal in this game like other titles. So rarely will you not see that wonderful red glowing dot of someone shooting you or your teammate. No one has ever said I hate a teammate that helps me win gunfights. Free points and kills for everyone.
  2. Go to your teammates. Instead of running off of spawn on your own holy mission to murder the opposing team, go to your teammates. There's always someone running around rouge, someone trying to flank. Your more prepared to handle these people as a team.
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  1. Play the objective with a teammate. Someone capping B by themselves? Go help. You cap faster and control the map flow with A/B, B/C objectives. The opposing team will be coming from one area. Trying to capture a Hardpoint? Save your specialist items to help your team.
  2. Use specialists that favor objective game-play and save your items for the objective. I can't stress this one enough. If you're playing Ajax, save your 9-bang for a Hardpoint. Save Battery's Grenade for an objective. It's easy kills. People just throw this stuff when it comes up. It's a waste.
  3. DO NOT push the enemy spawn in Domination. It completely ruins the flow of the game. People start spawning everywhere and you lose map control. There's no predictability. People do this all the time in Nuketown and Firing Range.
  4. Use your HUD to see where your teammates are looking. Important in Hardpoint as the spawns move throughout the match.
  5. Map Awareness/HUD

Learn and understand the maps. You naturally start to learn this as you play them. Remember peoples habits. Where you do/don't get killed. Use guns that favor the map. Not everyone is an amazing quick scope MLG gaming pro. Use the Paladin on Seaside you're probably going to have a bad time. Cover is your friend. 100% of the maps have lanes with cover. Use it to pre aim your lane of travel. You're going to die to bad timing, it's inevitable, but you will get better if you're using map knowledge and cover to your advantage. Stay out of the center of the map.

HUD is important. There's a lot going on and sometimes I forget to check mine. After a gunfight take a moment to look at your HUD. Get an idea of where people are coming from before sprinting onto your next gunfight. I like to pause and watch my HUD for a moment after I've killed someone to get an idea of where the enemy is. Do it while you're reloading or healing. Stop using to only look at where the enemy is. Look at where your team is and where they're looking.


Counter Play

You're going to have bad lobbies. It happens. But what a lot of people DON'T do is counter play. Have a rocket launcher for score streaks. Or at least a class with one. You're likely going to die in 1-2 minutes anyway so change your class when you die from a scorestreak and change back. If you want easy points to build up scorestreaks, run a rocket launcher full time. With Crash, you get +25 points per person killed/item shot. This coupled with COMSEC device makes it pretty easy to get even a care package. UAV's are 100 points with Crash's ammo box, and CUAV's are 125 points. Plus you're really helping your team. You don't even need to put attachments on it for it to be good. You can use it on a lot of Torque's items as well for free points. You can shoot trip mines in doorways and blow them all up at once.

Use specialists like Zero and save her special ability for annoying score streaks. Use Ajax to counter players who push. Torque to shutdown lanes and force the enemy to come to you. Slow down, stay back if you're getting pooped on.

Also, don't spawn immediately if there's enemy scorestreaks up. You're just feeding if you're not going to be proactive and shoot them down. Let the timer run down and let it autospawn you. Also if you're dying over and over, use this to let the map flow change a bit. 8 seconds is an eternity in CoD time.


What should my specialist be used for?

Ajax: Objective Game Modes. Coupled with Equipment Charge he's a good time in Domination and Hardpoint.

Battery: Objective Game Modes. Coupled with Equipment Charge great for objectives.

Crash: Objective/TDM/KC. Ammo packs help everyone and is easy points for scorestreaks.

Firebreak: Objective Game Modes. Clear Hardpoints and campers with equipment charge. His specialist ability is garbage but the Radiation is amazing for Hardpoint.

Prophet: Objective/TDM/KC. Zappy boy is great for KC/TDM. Specialist ability is good for Objectives and TDM/KC because of the chain capability. Will likely get nerfed soon so be aware.

Ruin: Objective/TDM/KC. He's okay. I don't use him a lot. I see a lot of players using him for quick map navigation. Save specialist ability for Objectives.

Zero: Objective/TDM/KC. Her item is great for Torque Counter play and ground scorestreaks. Save her specialist ability for things like Mantis, Snipers Nest, Attack Chopper, etc. Don't use her specialist ability in the middle of the map. You're marked when you use it.

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Torque: Objective/TDM/KC. He can close down a lot of lanes. Use his razor wire in doorways. Use his specialist ability on objectives.

Nomad: Objective/TDM/KC. Probably the most well rounded specialist. His trip mines can be super annoying. Great for doorways and objectives. His dog is a pest.

Recon: Objective/TDM/KC. Use his item on campers and objectives. He's pretty straight forward, just don't waste his item ability by shooting it to random spots on the map.

Seraph: Objective/TDM/KC. Her Tac Deploy is good for objective gameplay. I don't really like it for TDM or KC. If anyone is running engineer they will know exactly where you're coming from. Her Specialist ability is okay. Good for one shot kills if you can aim.

Game Modes

This is really up to the player. I mix it up with Mercenary Playlists so I don't have to play teams, but I also like Domination and Hardpoint because teams can be really really predictable. I had a lot of fun with Chaos Dom and Hardpoint because the 4-5 man groups would do the same things over and over again making it easy for me to get score streaks.


If you're struggling I recommend these three perks:

  • Engineer
  • If you're dying a lot you're not going to need scavenger. Engineer gives you a lot of map information. You see mines, scorestreaks, specialist items, quickly spot UAV's and things like Nomad's dog. If you're paying attention you can catch someone setting up to camp while they set their trip mines. Crash's ammo pack can indicate where the enemy team is spawning. You can see Seraph's Tac Deploy. Coupled with a Care Package and you can get some pretty decent score streak items.
  • Cold Blooded
  • Scorestreaks take time to lock onto you giving you time to shoot them down. Can't be seen by thermal campers. There's not really any amazing second perks. But I like Cold Blooded for the nonsense. It also protects you from Mantis and Strike Team. Strike Team will run right past you.
  • Dead Silence
  • This is a must have for me. Acoustic Sensors are cancer. This is the only way to get around them. Ghost is a waste if you're running a rocket launcher.


Not going to really cover weapons. Everyone has their flavor and there is always a Meta. It constantly changes. I've been grinding Dark Matter and learned how to play with the weapons.


If you're getting frustrated, rage quitting lobbies, take a break. Get up for 10 minutes and go back to the fundamentals stated above. We all get annoyed at this game. Dumbest stuff happens, but usually it's our own fault because we want to be good.

Sorry for the long post, but I was hoping to give people some basic tips for this title to improve their own personal gameplay. The problem I feel that plauges this game is the Call of Duty's before it with all the sprinting and jumping, verticality, and run and gun mentalities from previous releases. People are playing this like previous titles instead of the way it's intended to be played. I see a lot of "salt" on this subreddit and I feel like it's because it doesn't fit a certain persons playstyle. Yeah, there's dumb stuff, but change your gaming habits and improve. I still do all of this stuff, especially when I'm frustrated.

You'll always die to dumb stuff, but slowing down and practicing these things, you'll see a drastic improvement in your k/d. You'll get scorestreaks. You'll have way more fun!

If I missed something simple, please let me know and I'll update the post!

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