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“Balancing” the teams by shafting decent players is not okay for us decent solo players

black ops 4 5 - "Balancing" the teams by shafting decent players is not okay for us decent solo players

The team balancing something that I've been complaining for a while now. As far as I know, it is coded in a way that the best player in the lobby gets the suckiest players ever. Players who play like dogshit by not scoring kills, destroying streaks and feeding the enemy. And I've been on the receiving end for about two months, and I have snapped a couple of times, and the split enclosure on my current controller and a broken controller shell speak for themselves.
I've been dissatisfied with the game shafting players such as myself to the lobby can enjoy themselves at MY expense. I am a player too and I shouldn't be treated this way because "my KD is the best" or anything like that. Just because of my skill, I shouldn't be the one who has to suffer with shithead teammates while the enemy team is having fun getting free kills off my team.

The excuse that I've seen the most concerning this issue is that "So the best player won't crush the 5 sucky players" and I find that to be an excuse, because there is a way to balance the teams to keep the best player from dominating the 5 suckiest players, and that's the snake algorithm. Assume player 1 is the best player, player 2 is the second best and player 12 is the shittiest.


Team 1: 1, 4, 5, 8, 9, 12
Team 2: 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11

By snaking the lobby and assigning teams this way, trash like what I've been experiencing won't be happening this often.
I am a player whose primary goal is to win and play in a lobby where the teams are balanced. I am NOT here to carry feeding shitheads and fight a team of average players and take an L. An L which wasn't at all my responsibility, rather my teammates who were playing like shit by ignoring streaks they fed to the enemy and going negative.
If they want to play in a way that doesn't benefit the team, that's on them. But you do NOT take 4/5 such players and give them all to the best player in the lobby to deal with. Because that's shafting the best player in the lobby.

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