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Black Ops 4 : 11 years later, never would I have thought…

black ops 4 1 - Black Ops 4 : 11 years later, never would I have thought...

This thread is meant to be a discussion about the game, and my opinion on the multiplayer, hence it is long.

Black Ops 4, as we all know, has a multitude of issues regarding both Multiplayer & Zombies (the lack of a Campaign is also an issue).

From the feeling of negligence & almost insulting features of the game in the Multiplayer side of things, and the total or near abandon of the Zombies & Campaign community, the flaws of what was once a great arcade FPS with a supportive community has become a insult to veteran Call of Duty players in the community.

I have never posted a proper rant about Call of Duty, but after seeing the game evolve for 11 years, I feel the need to.

I have been playing Call of Duty for a decade. 11 years, to be precise, when [email protected] came out in 2008. Like many other players here, I have seen Call of Duty's best and worst days. I had a lot of fun and met a lot of good friends, and I have raged and loved playing the games an uncountable amount of times. But there is also a lot of frustration.

But this year, frustration is abnormal, it is at an all time high.


Multiplayer || This year's MP experience has so much potential… absolutely hindered by all the other flaws of the game.

Blackout has taken over the priority over Multiplayer, leaving us with a very flawed and almost un-enjoyable experience.

Specialists : Specialists are for many the #1 most frustrating thing in the entire game. It is NOT fun to play the game in its current state.

Having a player press L1+R1 to use an impenetrable shield and get free kills is not fun to play against.

Having a player press L1+R1 to summon a fast dog that gets free kills for them without any skills required is not fun to play against.

"—-" to get a grenade launcher and spam R2 to get up to 6/7 or more free kills… it's not fun.

But then, you also added Special Issue Equipment.

Dying from an almost invisible Mesh Mine while on a streak is not fun.

Dying because a drone stuns you and its owner is right behind following it, is not fun.

Getting 9 banged an not being able to do anything about it is not fun.

And last but not least, having a player work hard for their streaks, E A R N the highest killstreak R E W A R D S (memorize these two words), just for someone to press L1+R1 to completely destroy or steal them without having to put any effort but WAIT and press TWO buttons : IT'S NOT FUN.

"Oh, but you can use X perk to counter X specialist" : We should NOT be restricted to use specific perks instead of what we WANT to use, just because the specialists exists. Create-A-Class exists for you to customize your class however YOU want, not for whatever COUNTERS THE SPECIALISTS. And even then, it only slightly reduces the effects of SOME.

I personally feel that Zero has NO place whatsoever in Call of Duty.

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We can go out of our way to learn how to play the game, learn advanced tactics, the maps, mechanics, EVERYHTING there is to learn to dominate, all that for OVER A DECADE, so that we can EARN REWARDS, Killstreaks, just for even the newest of players to wait some minutes, press two buttons and completely destroy or worse, TAKE OVER, STEAL OUR REWARDS by doing NOTHING, and in the end, have the better player be PUNISHED for his years of playing the game.


MAPS || This year's maps feel hollow and simple, as if they were made without any inspiration.

3 lanes, inconsistent spawns ? Check.

It is sad the the best maps in the WHOLE game are the remakes of older CoD maps. It really says a lot.

Since you went so hard on the specialists ideas, why did you not craft maps that play to the advantages to these specialists then ? Why give us basic uninspired maps that are alright at best ?


Why on earth would you bring a map such as Arsenal Sandstorm where it becomes a LMG thermal sight nightmare with no visibility ?

Why classify weather variations as new maps when they absolutely aren't new at all ?

I will talk about DLCs in a bit.


GUN BALANCE || The gun balance has been broken ever since launch. LMGs are way to powerful and easy to use with no drawbacks, SMGs are too weak if you're not in a close quarters situation, some ARs are way better than others with no redeeming qualities for the bad ones, shotguns are absolutely over-exaggerated just like every Black Ops game…

And the operator mods… The Saug 9mm Akimbo is absolutely too good at close range that nothing can compete with them, the Strobe Light is just straight up obnixious and the most un-fun thing to play against gun-wise of any Call of Duty to date, the Dragon's Breath gives you an insane one shit kill range for a shotgun and kills even when the enemy is around the corner…


And the bes– worst for last…

BLACK OPS PASS & RESERVES || Treyarch. What on earth is happening ?

Do you realize just how insanely anti-consumer the whole Black Ops Pass and Reserves are ?

We know Activision aren't just "forcing you to do this and you're all innocent. Both IW, MWR & WWII had great systems that rewarded the player for playing the game, all the while, you could buy Supply Drops and Activision (& the Dev Studios) made huge money still.

When it comes to the Black Ops Pass, we get either HUGE maps that DO NOT FIT 5v5, or the same uninspired 3 lane design as always… There is only one or two good DLC maps so far that actually feel new, Lockup being one of them with the added verticality and yet, you found a way to put cover on spawns rooftops so people can camp in the back of the map…

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But the worst are the reserves.

The amount of filler content in it is just absolutely despicable. You cannot legitimately play the game and get rewarded for it. I am sorry, but ONE to TWO item per hour, NOT duplicate-free, while, there are 500+ to 1000+ items in the reserves, IS. NOT. A. REWARD.

I am currently level 409. I have 100 Percenter. What is my rewards ? One of the worst looking Master calling cards in the whole game. Not even 5% of what BO3's 100% calling card meant.

I have spent countless hours and days, even weeks playing and grinding, and how do I and everyone else also achieving this get rewarded ?

By getting a 1/3000 chance to get something from a reserve, shitty calling cards, no Master Prestiges rewards, no 100 Percenters rewards, NOTHING.


Listen to us, Treyarch. Listen to your players. We are the fuel to run your company, the soul of your passion projects, the audience you created and put time and effort into this game…

And we're getting rejected.

Neglected. Punished.

We became moneybags to you.

After a decade of playing, from World At War to Black Ops 4…

We became moneybags to you.

Middle finger to our faces with less and less player and consumer friendly practices, with more and more predatory systems to get our money and ultimately making us refuse from loving the games…

We became moneybags to you.

And as a community that spent thousands and thousands of hours loving your passion projects every 3 years…

Thousands and thousands of hours over a decade of multiple Call of Duty titles that treated us better as players than you do…

A community that once loved your games, Treyarch…

It breaks our hearts.

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