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Black Ops 4 Blackout Heavy Metal Heroes Feedback (Long)

black ops 4 3 - Black Ops 4 Blackout Heavy Metal Heroes Feedback (Long)

I love how aggressive this mode is for a Battle Royale and because of that I think that the storm could be paused somewhere towards the end to allow players to really focus on smart gunfights and let it come down to eliminating the enemies as such without the pressure of an enclosing circle. The last circle wouldn’t even have to be tiny or an open field in this mode.

I would think about maximizing (all) starting ammo, removing things like backpacks from available loot (they could be kept in later deployments or be picked up from body bags), and overall rethinking and polishing the loot availability with this mode in mind. I think that making the consumer perk as being always on (particularly good when running from the circle in battle while trying to loot, reload, heal, repair, revive, dodge, shoot, etc) would be interesting with everyone navigating at a faster pace and maybe medic (primarily greater healing is good since it’s easier to get pushed by numerous people but I do love the longer time you get to revive teammates) and looter (I've always wanted a BR where people spend less time looting) that could be toggled (or unlimited looters like grapples). The speed of the circle and the rate and value of its damage are a bit on the high side for some first deployment-to-circle situations, particularly more the more people land somewhat nearby or that you find on the way. I might prefer a slower circle that activates faster and for longer.

I wish I could run with my grapple aiming (perhaps with a bit longer range on the grapple particularly towards the ground and make shorter distance grappling a bit smoother or never have it be semi-cancelled). I would also like to be able to cancel a grapple while grappling (good for when getting shot while grappling) with the trade off being that you automatically drop the grapple (I’m trying to imagine how that would physically work). You can give us 5 grapples and allow us to pick up the ones dropped or from bags: perhaps made so it's not too easy to cancel and drop the grapple by accident or without thinking (such as moving the left stick backwards and jumping).


I would personally like tanks to be a lot less frequent, have less health, and as a trade off be unable to explode and kill the passenger. This wouldn’t bother me as much if launchers didn't count as a weapon slot (perhaps two weapons on your back looks a bit awkward). I do feel that one tank at the last circle is too many tanks. They should at least require two people to fully operate (driving vs fire power lethality) because they are very distracting in gunfights. They could also be visible on the minimap and/or their weapons nerfed appropriately. I wouldn’t mind having no tanks (at least some games). Clearer announcements about people deploying beyond simply knowing that the circle round started would be nice for everyone (particularly when you’re still in a loud gunfight at the start of a round against the squad of the vengeful person deploying or otherwise distracted). Going into the storm for things like reviving or looting perhaps shouldn’t be so penalizing prior to the last circle or so. I see the merit in body bags and dropped guns disappearing quickly to discourage repeated attempts to get your things when the team that was rewarded for killing you is still around there, but I also see the appeal in searching for the person who ended you after redeployment and taking back your things or their things. Perhaps extend redeployment time somewhat and appropriate to the redeployment announcement for people that died late in the countdown or put them in a redeployment helicopter further away.

The comic book theme could be alternated on and off for change.

This is probably my favorite game mode because of how aggressive and various it can be. I hope it’s made permanent and added to future BRs with twists like wall-running (etc) or to multiplayer. Great way to end the year and I definitely see myself coming back for this even after MW.

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