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Black Ops 4 is great, but

black ops 4 5 - Black Ops 4 is great, but

Black Ops 4 is in my opinion the best Call of Duty in years. It’s fun,most of the time at least.

I have some things to say about multiplayer however.

  1. Matchmaking could be better. Being put in lobbies where the match has already started 8/10 times is annoying. ESPECIALLY when being put on the losing team every single time.

  2. The spawns are all over the place.

  3. Being in teams with only «bad» players all the time isn’t fun at all. And yes, I know I can play with friend but with me working nights almost all the time it’s hard to find time to play with friends.

  4. Barebones playlist is amazing, except for all the concussion spam and all the snipers. Speaking of concussion: Not being able to at least try and aim with my gun while being stunned is so bad, please bring it back like it was in the old days. Would it be possible to split the playlist up? I love BB TDM and I only want to play that.

  5. Lack of content. I think we can all agree on that the low amount of guns you can use compared to older titles is sad. We want more. Much more. Bring back the AK47, MP7, old guns and new and I’m sure people will like the game better. Maps as well, more classics as well as new ones for the Pass owners. More Mastercraft variants would be dope. Especially if we could have several for each gun.

  6. Lag. I don’t have a bad connection, but Black Ops 4 lags more than it should for me. It’s not as bad as it used to be, but could still be better. Nothing worse than losing a gun battle you know you should have won.

  7. Black market/Supply stream. It’s sad to see what COD has become. At least stop making things that expensive if you’re gonna want us to buy it. Yeah some people will buy stuff no matter the cost but remember that Black Ops 4 was expensive enough for the base game and that the Pass wasn’t cheap either. It’s not fun having to pay 30$ for a cosmetic. Shame.

All in all, Black Ops 4 is a great game but it has it’s flaws. My wish for the future of this game is that all the problems I listed will be fixed one way or another. As of right now, I don’t feel like playing it anymore as I don’t find it as fun as it could be. I’ve reached master prestige (first Cod I’ve ever done that) and I have basically nothing else to grind for. At least for the multiplayer. Blackout however, is so much fun.

Treyarch, you’ve been my favorite developer for Call of Duty. I own all the Black Ops games and they have a special place in my heart. Thank you for making amazing games.

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