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Black Ops 4 Multiplayer has issues

black ops 4 7 - Black Ops 4 Multiplayer has issues

Black Ops 4 Multiplayer is a fantastic game, and balancing the weapons to please everyone is impossible, but here are some issues that have nothing to do with balance of the game or with network problems. At least one of these issues happens almost every game. Examples that have happened on more than a dozen occasions are:

  • Care Package carrier drone failing to drop said package.
  • Shock drone doing donuts for fun.
  • Juno standing in a puddle of mud contemplating life.
  • Engineer failing to show strike team, Juno, UAVs, or any other air scorestreaks.
  • Engineer failing to show anything when looking through the lock on screen of the Hellion Salvo.
  • Cold Blooded failing to resist the thermal optics of the NVIR scope or possibly scorestreaks (hellstorm, etc.)
  • Reactor Core randomly failing in the middle of radiating (did not let go of button, no EMP)
  • Tracker perk will permanently show the eye indicating that player is showing on enemy mini-map, despite being nowhere near an enemy, not shooting, or anything else that would trigger a red dot
  • Occasionally player will receive a mini-map indicator indicating that a person is on the map, despite them not being in any field of vision, not firing a bullet, etc. This allows the player to know someone is around the corner and have the edge on killing them. I wouldn't be surprised if I have been killed by this bug as well. This also seems to affect tracker perk, as the eye displays right before someone rounds a corner. While this bug is not supposed to happen, I do not mind the chaotic factors that might be presented.
  • Less of a bug, more of a pet peeve: I have never seen a Firebreak's Reactor core or Purifier in a Play of the Game. If a Battery can kill 4 players in one War Machine shot, a Seraph can get 4 kills with the Annihilator (one collateral), then a Firebreak should be able to get play of the game with a Super Kill with the Purifier, or a Quad Feed with the Reactor Core.

These bugs can hurt the experience of all players, and should not stand in a AAA game that's been out for 7 months. I love the game, but it needs some fixing. Feel free to discuss other bugs that suck in the comments, and don't forget to tell me how much of a whiny baby I am for complaining


Additions: *while in the water, pressing sprint will enable you to swim faster, pressing crouch will enable you to dive deeper. However, if you do these things while in the water, when you exit the water you immediately slide.

*purifier not getting hit markers/doing damage despite engulfing enemy in flame

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