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Blackout armor repair needs to be reworked desperately

black ops 4 2 - Blackout armor repair needs to be reworked desperately

Okay before I start, I know everyone on this sub is a pro player with a 6 kd. I'm not. I have my 7% win ratio in Blackout and I'm happy with that.

That being said, I'm writing this from an average player's point of view. I wanted armor repair for Blackout and I was hyped when they anounced it. But little did I know they'd bring higher level 2 and level 3 armor spawnrates as well as more durability with it. I actually don't get why Treyarch did this. On this weekend alone I've found more level 3 armor than in 250 matches before that. On the ground. Along with that you can find armor plates in equipment crates, crates, dead players and on the ground. Which ultimately leads to players having 10 armor plates constantly and only needing two more to fully repair a level 3 armor compared to a level 1 armor.

Every endgame fight in the current state of the game involves at least one player with level 3 armor. The time to kill and the longlivety of gunfights right now is unbearable. Especially in closed quarters the player with lvl 3 armor will always win over a player with lesser armor.


Treyarch needs to either remove lvl 3 armor completely or balance it out by it needing more armor plates to repair one bar of armor. Also armor plates should definitely not spawn on the ground. They can spawn in crates and can be lootet from corpses but we definitely need less plates in the game. Lvl 3 armor should also only spawn from crates. That way it's kind of luck based who gets it but this is a br game and luck is a factor in this.

A few days ago someone suggested for lvl 3 armor to be removed and lvl 2 armor having the same damage reduction as lvl 1 but also a helmet. That would be my favourite solution right now.

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What do you guys think about the current state of lvl 3 armor and armor repair?

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