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black ops 4 5 - Blackout game mode ideas

Would anyone like to see some fun blackout game modes? I think it would be cool if they threw in a few party type game modes:

Gambler: everyone drops with one gun, one equipment and max ammo for all guns. When you drop in, you can choose to keep the gun you have, or gamble on a new random gun/equipment. There are no other items/ammo on the map and once the ammo runs out, switch to knife. No dropped guns can be picked up either.

Circles of mystery: the map starts at the second circle shrink. BUT every circle shrink jumps to a new patch of the map, and the timer resets….frequently.

Barebones: just guns and ammo and sights. No armour, attachments, equipment. The minimap is gone. And the circle closes without warning.

Get to the chopper!: There is an evac helicopter somewhere on the map. First one to reach it and take off….wins. No circle of death. All other rules remain. If the chopper is destroyed before being taken, the chopper is respawned elsewhere.


Hunted: one man vs 87. The hunted is given 400 health, level 5 armour and a operator assault rifle. The 87 are given no armour, 100 health and operator assault rifles. Hunted cannot replenish health or armour. The 87 cannot kill each other, only the hunted. When the hunted dies, a new hunted is chosen at random till no man is left standing. The hunted wins if he kills all on the map. Circle of death ensures no long term camping.

Gladiators: No guns. Only knives.

Gungame Randomiser: each kill results in your gun being randomised

Patience: Sniper rifles only. Kills must be made at over 100m only. Any less and the kill doesn’t count

I LOVE blackout, it’s the most fun I’ve had in COD for a while. But some variants on mission would be awesome

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