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Blackout is on it’s worst scenario possible for some people around the globe

black ops 4 6 - Blackout is on it's worst scenario possible for some people around the globe

Treyarch, please, consider other solutions to the regions where there's less players on Blackout. Here we are again, VERY unsatisfied with the product we PAID for, because we simply can't play properly one of the main modes.


For those that are not aware, currently, regions like South America, South Africa and Middle East (maybe Australia as well, I'm not sure) are facing a "featured playlist only" situation on Blackout, where every week they're rotating a single playlist on Blackout. This week in particular, the week of BO4's biggest update, with Hijacked and a lot of other stuff, is the one with SOLO playlists only. So we're being forced to only play solo the entire week. If we have a friend that wants to play together with us, we simply can't, we have to play alone. BUT, obviously, this has lead to A LOT (and I really mean A LOT) of people being dirty and playing together, as you can see in this video compilation. This puts the Blackout experience in it's lowest point possible, where who wants to play with friends can't do it properly and who wants to play alone have to deal with people playing in duo, trios or quads inside the solo playlist.


Everytime a post like this comes up on Reddit, I see a lot of people from other regions saying that we just have to deal with it cause our regions are crap, we don't have playerbase, etc. But this is not how it works. First of all, at least in Brazil/South America, my region, the Blackout on PS4 was almost always being able to fulfill lobbies before those changes. On Xbox One, as far as I know, it was kind of a mix, where players were getting in SA and NA servers, so in fact something should have been made, however, the big point here is how Treyarch did it. They simply started this "featured playlist" thing without warning anyone about it. We actually thought this was a bug the first week it started, because they didn't say anything for that long. The ATVI support channels on Twitter and e-mails were treating it as a bug as well, just so you guys know how bad this was handled by them. On top of all, the "solution" they implemented was very drastic. I think they could've approach this issue with 2 playlists per week instead of only 1 as a first change, or maybe trying to close the less populated playlists on specific low traffic times. Another one I saw recently, but that I don't know if it's viable, would be making the match start with less players and the circle to close faster for those regions. Particularly I don't think this is a good solution, but it's just another example that would probably not piss people off that much as they did with this featured playlist solution.

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In the end, they have the data and the numbers, so it's hard for me to come here and say what they should do or not, they know they're stuff, I'm aware of that, but as a PLAYER I can say in the moment Blackout is on it's most unplayable state ever for us here (every single lobby seems to have people playing together on solos), and from my past experiences (and a lot others I talked to) before this model was implemented, I was not having problems to find and fulfill SA lobbies on PS4 on all the playlists, that's what makes people frustrated the most. I also think it's better to wait a little more for the lobby to fulfill than have to deal with only 1 playlist per week.


If you guys are looking for suggestions, I think right know (and we mean as soon as possible) one of the best solutions you could try would be having SOLO + SQUADS. This way people who wants to play alone can do it, and people who wants to play together can do it as well, at the same time that we have 1 less playlist to divide players. However I think it should be considered to have all 3 playlists back again at least on PS4, specially now at holidays season, or maybe at weekends.


To finish, just so we don't leave PC aside, I play there as well and being completely honest, I think the single playlist thing worked better there. PC has a much smaller playerbase and for the first time since the game's release I was able to play with people from my region on PC because of this implementation. In my personal experience, I felt like the Duos playlists worked really well when it was live there.


Anyway, that's it, please Treyarch, help us!


TL;DR: Blackout is in it's worst scenario possible for players in South America, South Africa, Middle East, as they're rotating 1 playlist per week, resulting in things like these, making the game unplayable. There's others solutions that could've been tested, and that's what we're trying to tell Treyarch. It's even more frustrating bc people say they were finding full lobbies on PS4 before this whole featured playlist thing was implemented.

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