CoD: Black Ops 4

Blackout needs dynamic weather and other improvements, it’s getting stale.

black ops 4 3 - Blackout needs dynamic weather and other improvements, it's getting stale.

Been playing since launch on PC and I enjoy the mode (average player !!) , but it is slowly starting to get a bit stale and same samey. As this is not a dedicated BR game I am assuming we may not get another BR map ?? 3arch really could do with adding a few extras to make the game mode more varied.


Having dynamic weather would drastically alter matches in a good way IMHO.


Rain heavy to light (heavy having thunder lightning)

Dusk /dawn, maybe this won't alter matches much but visually it would be a change.


The vehicles in blackout are pretty cool, buzzing around in a Heli is great but they could add a few more IMHO without overcrowding the map.

Jetskis, fast 2 pax types (perhaps located in pairs)

Buggies (military style). 3 pax capacity ?? 2 front , 1 at the back top as a rear gunner.

C)Weapon Skins:

The current character skins are welcome in BO, but weapon skins would be a nice touch. A similar system for unlocking like MP perhaps but lower kill requirements I guess. Also not just the same skins as black out but also some unique to the mode and perhaps some tokens in game for unique skins (mastery), finish the match top 5 with the skin attached to the weapon you get to keep it etc..

In the UI , where your weapon is, you have a skin/De-skin button , if a player picks up a weapon he has the choice to skin it, if it is discarded or looted after a kill the skin stays on the weapon, the next player can either de skin (back to base) or re skin with their own.

Weather is the big one I would like to see, thoughts ??

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