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black ops 4 4 - Blackout Strategy Discussion

I’m Prestige 9 in MP and started playing blackout a little while back. I’d like to flesh out the play style I’ve developed as a starting point for a discussion on strategy. Let’s keep basic stuff and gun preferences out of this. The goal should be winning the game, aggressively or not. I’ll go through each game mode with my strategy at each point in the game (as I think these should be played differently).


Early Game:

The Drop:

The drop isn’t very important in Solos. Since I’m going for the win, let the first 40 drop right away as they always will. Take note of where this area is in relation to the future circles so you have a good guess as to where people will be coming from. An ideal drop has a good amount of loot and 1-4 opponents. If you’re an adept dropper, ambush someone as soon as you get that automatic gun to increase your chances at engaging them before they’re ready.


Have a long range primary and short range secondary. Your preferred attachments for these shouldn’t change much for a particular weapon so even if you have a spitfire and a mog, grab the 3x scope and long barrel for the spitfire since you can swap an attach for a better long range weapon later (but maybe don’t attach the 3x yet). You shouldn’t save concussions, molotovs, or frags. Ensure that you’ll make it through the first area by using them. Unless you hear 3+ people around you should save a sensor dart, sound perks (dead silence and awareness), paranoia, and skulker. Mobility can be popped immediately and Outlander can be worth grabbing if the circle is really far. Tomahawk works really well in a zombie situation. Ideal weapon setup is Sniper, AR but at this point you more commonly need to settle for AR, Sub. Generally, don’t be too loot hungry until you hear no footsteps.

Mid Game:


Hug the blue circle. You can outrun it after the first two. When I’m looking for where to move I try to find an equilibrium between three strategies: 1. Move around the edge of the blue circle to the area where it pinches. 2. You want your back to the least area of map and opposite to the area where the first 40 dropped. 3. Choose an area of high ground or cover positioned right at the edge of the white circle as your destination. With half of the area you need to constantly scan outside of the circle, you’re more likely to be that guy who came out of nowhere.


Unless you already have a Sniper + AR, plenty of heals, equipment, and perks, you really want to try and get that setup. If you can get the jump on someone then you should get in position to kill them all at once and go for it. Being aggressive in Solos typically pays off. Using your equipment and perks will often pay for itself when you replace it with your fallen opponents’ loot. If your loot is already solid, then only take that snipe when they stop moving because why risk it when you’re already set up for end game?

Late Game:

Realize you’ve hit late game when there are <20 people left.

Pop the trauma kit


You’re loot filtering should shift. You shouldn’t waste time worrying about attachments (you’re probably already fully attached). Trade long barrels for suppressors and that’s it. Hopefully you’ve saved that sensor dart for as late as possible. Along with it grapples, clusters, and concussions are helpful. You also could benefit from a trophy system at this point. Skulker, Paranoia and sound perks are crucial here. Pop skulker and paranoia when there are 2-3 circles left and try to hang on to the sound perks until the last 2 circles unless you’re coming up on a structure.


It’s best to be somewhere with a good tradeoff between cover, high ground and routes for quick escape. Continue trying to pinch the circle.


Be aggressive to people standing between you and the white circle and avoid others. If you have a sniper it can be worth it to pick people off but this also tells others where you are. Lead every engagement with equipment. Even if someone gets the first shot on you, getting to cover and throwing a concussion/cluster at them before healing or firing back can throw them off. If you hear a sensor dart, don’t continue to hide. Either find it and destroy it or reposition.

Top 3:

In the top 3 there is an attacker, a victim, and an opportunist. If you must be the attacker, use a ton of equipment to ensure a quick victory, heal, and reposition before the opportunist can swoop in. If you’re the victim then try and throw the attacker off with equipment and repositioning. If you live, heal and reposition again to throw off the opportunist. Obviously you want to be the opportunist. Lay low in the top 3 and wait for gun fire. Get in position to rush in as soon as the player count drops to 2 so you can fight them while they’re disadvantaged. In short, camp and be ready to unload more equipment in the top 3 than in the top 2.


The PRIMARY objective is to keep your partner alive.

Most of the same loot and positioning strats apply here too.

Early Game


You typically don’t want to drop hot to win. In duos you want to drop medium heat in an area with lots of loot but no more than two other duos. Make sure you communicate where exactly you’re dropping within a location so that you can loot two neighboring structures. Once you both have guns you’ll want to be close to ensure you’re double teaming all the initial competition.


Don’t hog the loot. Make sure you both have a short and long range gun. Communicate when you see armor and backpacks that you don’t need.



If you find equipment that can affect multiple people then it’s worth it to be aggressive with it in that first area. Clearing the first area means you’re both on your way to mid game with solid loot. Hanging back and being careful can result in another duo getting a lot of the area’s loot and attacking you or taking off with it. Make sure you’re close together but not in the same structure if it’s small.

Mid/Late Game


You never know when another duo will surprise you. Try to stay within a 7 second sprinting distance in open areas and 2-4 seconds in tight areas. Double teaming one lone duo partner at a time will result in beating the duo 99% of the time.


You should split loot evenly as often as possible so that you can engage in sync. If you have different weapon sets then you have to be more crafty than “lets both grapple onto that roof”. For example: ‘A’ has a Sniper + AR and ‘B’ has an AR + Sub. They’re hugging the closing blue circle and they notice another duo is in the structure they’re aiming for at the edge of the white circle (not a bad way to position in duos on the first 3 circles). If A is an idiot, he just takes the snipe and then says “I lasered one, let’s push”. This would give the other duo time to revive/heal and prepare for the engagement. Instead, they should first split grapples and be sure that B has a grenade/concussion. A should post up somewhere with cover not too far away while B gets within grapple distance. Then once A takes the shot, B can follow up with a grenade and grapple in while A comes in for support. In duos you need to do everything you can to ensure you BOTH come out of an engagement alive. Otherwise it’s not worth pushing from that position. Often times leading with equipment will put you at a huge advantage. In general, I think you should be less aggressive in duos than in solos.


I hate Quads

The PRIMARY objective is to get as far as possible with all 4 team members

It’s not helpful to be a “type A” “everyone needs to follow my command” type of player in Quads. The most efficient quad communicates and agrees on decisions together as quickly as possible

Early Game

The Drop

Agree on the damn drop.

Generally, I’ve found that dropping with even just one other quad is a bad idea. With 8+ people in a single location, there will always be that guy who “just has a mog” and gets downed very early. It’s extremely rare to have an entire quad walk away from a fight during this beginning scramble so if you’re after a W, drop cold. The only named locations I would try are ones very far away like Estates, Hydro Dam, Turbine, Lighthouse. Other than that drop at an unnamed location that will have at least 6 guns.


Calling out extra backpacks and armor is even more important in quads. Generally if you already have it, someone else needs it. Also, since loot is scarce in quads its worth it to pick stuff up like iron lungs, razor wire, barricade, looter because you’ll have the extra space until a lot later. If someone finds a Hellion Salvo this is a great pick up in quads. There are many vehicles in quads and this can give you some quick kills.


Helicopter > 2 ATVs > Truck. You’re pretty vulnerable when you’re in a vehicle so if you get shot at near where you were going, go somewhere else. It’s typically best to stop some distance away from where you’re going and run in so the used vehicle isn’t sitting right outside of the area. Only use transportation to get to the first circle and only if it’s absolutely necessary.

Mid/Late Game


You should implement the buddy system. A pair ideally consists of two guys with similar equipment and perks but different guns. Two guys in a pair shouldn’t be more than 3-5 seconds (sprinting distance) apart in open areas and 1-2 in tight areas and pairs shouldn’t be more than 10-15 seconds apart in open areas and 7-10 seconds in tight areas. This strategy works well for dividing and conquering or coming together quickly to push as a quad. Having someone close ensures a quad can’t sneak up on one player off doing their own thing with no chance of getting revived. Of course, four guys on top of each other can be a pretty easy target with a cluster grenade. As soon as the quad leaves the initial drop, staying in a relatively close proximity is really important and difficult to maintain. You want to be able to have your whole quad backing you up ready to push at a moment’s notice when you see those two vulnerable guys through your sniper scope emoting around. Conversely, you don’t want to hear your teammate say “I gotta push this” when you’re far away looting just so you can catch up in time for a 2v4. “WhErE wErE yOu DuDe?!”


With every engagement, you have a decent chance of losing a teammate so if you don’t have a clear advantage and can avoid it, avoid it. I’ve found that you should be less aggressive in quads than in duos. When you do push, try and have your pairs come at different angles without being too far apart. One or two teammates should communicate their equipment usage. It’s not helpful for all four of you to use all of your equipment on one squad. Ideally, one guy in each pair takes a shot in sync to initiate and the other guy in each pair immediately follows with equipment. Most of the time this obviously isn’t how it goes down but make sure some equipment is used when facing a whole quad. Try and have the guys with the best short range weapons be the first to show up to a fight and a new destination in general.

Please give me your suggestions on deeper blackout strategy than “find level 3 armor” or “snipers are your best friend”.

Also note I’m a level 28, prestige 0 and I’ve only won 4 games…

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