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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – What went wrong?

black ops 4 1 - Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - What went wrong?

This game had massive hype behind it and people were saying it would bring call of duty back to its former glory (as if they weren’t saying that with WW2 lmao) some were even saying it would kill Fortnite but the game ended up shooting itself in the foot and Fortnite continued to do well, if not better, that it was before


Some of these points are simply my opinion but feel free to list your reasons as to why you think the game ended up fucking itself over, keep in mind this is meant to start discussions lmao. Also I will be bringing up WW2 and Fortnite BR for comparisons to BO4 as WW2 is the previous cod game and is one of the games BO4 is supposed to improve upon and Fortnite BR is the battle royale game Blackout waa competing against when it first game out, but I’ll only compare them in features they both share


Now before the game was released, they released a teaser (obviously) but it had absolutely nothing from BO4 and all it did was show a compilation of stuff from the previous games while a big “I||I” faded onto the screen before ending with “Forget everything you know”, now in my humble opinion it felt like they were just playing off of nostalgia as the stuff included were mostly the more popular stuff from Black Ops such as the RC-XD and Mob of the Dead, as well as some completely new angles of Woods’ and Kravchenko’s “deaths” from BO1

They also promised some really cool stuff on launch (especially for zombies), for zombies they promised factions and leaderboards, a lot of which still hasn’t been added to the game


The base game was rather mediocre if I’m being honest, there was no campaign to play so that was already a step down for me, like what’s the point of anything going on in the game? The campaign usually brought context to the setting, why are these factions fighting each other? Why are they fighting at these locations? Why is this happening in this time period? All of this was answered with the campaign, but with BO4 we have the cutscenes from the tutorials which are more as backstories which end up not explaining shit in the end as to why the government is hunting them down or anything

Multiplayer was alright but their attempt to encourage “tactical” gameplay ruined it because if you know Call of Duty, you know “tactical” is the last thing the common player wants to be, it’s far more entertaining to run around like a headless chicken and killing everybody you encounter rather than having to move around carefully with a team and doing the shit they do in the trailers. But due to how the “tactical” equipment isn’t being used to be “tactical” and instead as for getting bullshit kills, it just ruins the gameplay, especially when there’s almost nothing to counter then as there’s no grenades and some of the specialist equipment is utter bullshit, lets take a look:

  • Ajax’s shield which not only makes him bulletproof from the front, but also allows him to shoot from him, so may God have mercy on your soul if you run into him and he sees you as you’re better off just running away and hoping somebody would shoot him in the back as he chases you, that or risk dying by trying to use your specialist equipment against him (if it even will work against him)

  • Torque’s barricade and razor wire are a fucking camper’s dream as you can set them up at the entrance and make an area impossible to access, so they’re good to go as long as somebody doesn’t use Ruin’s grappling hook to reach them

  • Zero’s equipment had a lot of controversy surrounding it due to how it would reward players for doing absolutely nothing by allowing them to hack enemy steaks and turn them against their own team, you worked hard for that really high score streak? Well you fucking idiot, this motherfucker happened to wait for 2 minutes just to have the ability to hack your streak just like Menendez did to the US military’s drones

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And since you can’t equip grenades until a rather high level, good luck trying to kill them if they have their specialist shit out

Blackout was also meh as it really didn’t bring anything new to the table when it comes to battle royale, it was pretty much just a BO4 reskin of PUBG, but the mode ended up being an issue later down the line

Zombies was alright but it was rather downgraded in some aspects, for example in WW2 you could choose which character to play as, you could actually earn playable characters as rewards for beating certain challenges such as the Slayer IIRC if you beat the Final Reich’s hardcore Easter egg solo, beating said Easter egg by round 16, and beating said Easter egg in less than 75 minutes, BO4 has none of that, instead the most you can do to customize who you play as is simply changing the face paint on them, the most you’ll get as a reward for beating special challenges will be a calling card



The black market system was where the game started showing its bad side, you would have the tier system which was popularized by Fortnite, and they also included the store system from Fortnite. Now the tier system with being able to pay to get tiers isn’t as bad due to how at least you know what you’re getting compared to loot boxes (up until you reach the reserve tiers), but the store system just simply doesn’t work, for one while Fortnite and BO4 both sell items which can go for as much as $20, the difference here is that Fortnite is a free game whereas you pay up to $60 for BO4

DLCs and Operations

As Internet Historian said in his “the Fall of 76” video:

this is where things go from tardy to retardy

With the first wave of new content they included replaced the reserve tiers supply drops, which makes it so there’s pretty much ever form of monetization in the game, and the reserve crates give you 1 item, so you’re receiving less for your money compared to other games

Blackout was also pretty much taking all of the attention away from the other modes, hell they’re updating the zombies related content outside of the zombies mode more than the actual fucking mode itself, the most zombies gets are just the new maps, they have yet to receive the factions

But even then Blackout rarely gets note worthy changes outside of adding Hijacked, Ghost Town/Buried, and changing the color of the plants

Now Fortnite also puts more attention on battle royale compared to STW, but they seem to actually give a shit about their game with how they removed the infinity blade from the game within a week due to how overpowered it was and the map changes every season always being worthy of pointing out, here’s the changes:

  • from Season 3 to Season 4: destroying a rather well known location (Dusty Depot) and adding a massive crater which was caused by meteors, these meteors also destroyed other locations such as a prison and Tilted Towers, as well with the inclusion of 2 new locations

  • from season 4 to season 5: completely changes the bottom right corner of the map from a swamp-like environment to a desert environment, the top middle portion of the map was also replaced from a farm-like place to a more lively location with green grass, this brought 2 new locations and updated a small location

  • I don’t remember Season 5 to Season 6 as it was rather forgettable lmao

  • From Season 6 to Season 7: changed the bottom left corner of the map to a snow like area and actually added more land to the map, this removed 2 locations but in its place came 3 new locations along with the inclusion of planes and zip lines

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I understand Treyarch has to deal with 3 different modes but when they seem to be fucking around most of the time and since they don’t have to work on too many maps ever time they release a pack, why aren’t there better changes to Blackout? Hell they could just throw in the new DLC maps and call it a day

By this time as well Sledgehammer Games got their shit together by DLC 1 and revamped the gameplay so it would be better such as making changes to the division system and making sprint infinite, added the paint job feature, and all of the other features which were locked behind the “coming soon” before Micheal Cornbread left, Treyarch can’t even release factions for zombies or anything rather menial

The events are also lacking in BO4, so far the closest thing to an event are the operations, the most we get in an operation are 3 weapons, one being melee, a solid 70-80% of the content consists of calling cards, emblems, and stickers, and the rest are outfits which look cool but no sane person would want to equip in blackout due to how you stick out like a sore thumb

By February, we had like 3 new weapons, in WW2 we had up to 7 new weapons


So the game quite a clusterfuck and while WW2 seem to have gotten better as it continued its life cycle, BO4 appears to be getting worse as time goes by, what do you agree with here? What do you disagree with? Discussion down blow

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk

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