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Calling for a restructure within Treyarch same as WW2 did

black ops 4 7 - Calling for a restructure within Treyarch same as WW2 did

Yes I realize I am talking about someone's job here however here me out , if you have the power to stress out a big majority of this community, bluntly disregarding all the feedback and unable to find a balance between the consumer and the business than you should be fired and replaced with someone that can make the right decisions. I am not calling for devs to be fired I am simply pointing out the finger to whoever is making this decisions right now.

Let's face it guys we are being treated like guineas pigs in this installment for someone to see how far they can push it and get away with it, well guess what that line was crossed when the race camo and splatter camo were set as individuals for all guns. That was the moment you could see the greed pierce trough even though the poor devs introduced many new features and new additions to the game that were overall positive within Grand Heist.

No matter what happens now, even if another excuse post from Treyarch shows up in the next couple of days it is not good enough, how many times you going to admit you were wrong and you will fix it.

No the solution this time is simple we are sorry we listen to your feedback and we have made changes in management going forward to make sure this doesn't happen again. This is the only way to improve going forward no matter what they say is irrelevant they are going to find something else like they did in the past to bring the community down once again.

I have been playing call of duty since Cod4 on PC, I love this franchise and I want it to strive. I know it is a clichee now but is got the best gun play of any shooter year after year but is being overshadowed by anti-consumer practices more on each update.

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Growing up being 36 now I am starting to realise what the game industry is slowly becoming and is sickening, this practices need to stop and we need to speak up on the first sign of trouble and not let things escalate this far ever again.


In the name of all those that shoved their controllers at their tv, those that got infuriated when they opened a reserve crate, those that grinded all their reserves only to find out they are getting 10% of the new content after opening them in the name of those that got fooled in buying the season pass only to have the ability to play not a re-imagined map but a remaster map from black ops 1, for those zombie fans which even at this day do not have their own tier system within the game and for all those that I missed and share my opinion is time for a leadership change within Treyarch.

Tips for the new management at Treyarch:

  1. Look and I mean really look at WW2/Infinite Warfare/Mw4 remasted MTX system and find a balance between the 3 for black ops 4 since this MTX systems were the most appreciated by the community.
  2. Eliminate Black ops pass entirely, make all the maps free as soon as possible, provide all black ops pass users with cod points as compensation. Think of a new pass system that does not involve content locked behind paywalls and splits to community.
  3. Remaster old black ops maps such as you did with WMD and give them free to the community as good will gesture to make up for this ordeal. You have a full repertoire of maps only in black ops 1 that the new generation has not experienced at all and the vets would love to see them remastered.
  4. This is the most important make Blackout free to play and release it as a standalone product with a separate MTX structure similar to Fortnite/Apex.
  5. Separate zombies as a standalone product and let a team work on that and show their passion and dedication with a separate release window and no constrictions from other sides.
  6. Lastly call of duty should be campaign plus multiplayer, if not campaign something better than the specialist HQ that mode was a joke. Multiplayer should launch day one with weekly and daily challenges it goes without saying.
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good luck we will be watching !

PS: Vahn is an amazing person, do not touch that guy, The only saving grace of BLOPS 4 is Blackout, multiplayer is what needs all the improvements right now.

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