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Catering to noobs kills replayability…It’s a long one…

black ops 4 1 - Catering to noobs kills replayability...It's a long one...

There's entirely too much bullshit in this game to consistently enjoy it…It has its moments but they're so few and far between and offers no incentive to actually want to get better.

  • Acoustic Sensor breaks Dead Silence and Ghosts sucks so there's really no room to play completely stealthily because if you're in a gunfight, with Lightweight and Stock, you won't be moving fast enough to not be pinged on the enemy radar…
  • Cold Blooded only kinda works…
  • Gung-Ho is damn near as broken as player collision…Yeah, let's give low TTK weapons near-instant Sprint Out, thus, removing their only weakness…
  • Gear and attachments that can prevent healing do so for far too long in a game as fast as this one. 15 seconds in a game where the avg ttk is 500ms mean you can't heal for 30 deaths worth of time…balanced…
  • There are far too many specialists that require no more than aiming in the general vicinity of someone to kill them…
  • And then there are the ones that can completely deny parts of the map and force class changes to not be blown up by shit they get for just being in the game. No work required. Doesn't matter if they're 0-20.
  • Was Zero put in the game to purposely make players capable of streaking want to stop playing? Because that's how it feels. She's antifun. I like using streaks that I can just call in while on the move w/o the need of a hiding spot to use a tablet, placing something at a perfect angle or throwing a marker…So, that limits me to UAV, CUAV, Drone Squad, Sniper's Nest, Attack Chopper, Thresher, and Strike Team. Of these 7 streaks, she can destroy 3 and straight up steal the other 4. Hell, she can one-shot a 1000pt streak with her fucking equipment! WHY? For picking Zero? Because the person playing her is typically TRASHBAG and negative as fuck. How do you think I got the streaks? And in Core TDM, there's usually at least one. In HC, there's almost always 2 so the map is a no-fly zone. Between FMJII and the rocket launcher, both of which can be found on an anti-air DEFAULT class, what was the REAL purpose of adding ANOTHER way to take down (or steal) streaks? Are the devs really THAT out of touch? Because I can't come up with a logical reason to basically deny certain players the streaks they've earned.
  • EKIA for hitting someone for 19dmg with a sub from 30m nets you the same amount of points as the person that did the other 131dmg…Cuz reasons…

And before you say it, I would love to "just go play League Play" if it wasn't grind-based and dominated by 5-stacks…This game damn near needs a complete overhaul similar to what WWII had around this time last year. My suggestions:

  • Remove Acoustic Sensor or make Dead Silence COMPLETELY counter it. I shouldn't be able to be heard beyond melee range if I'm using a perk called "Dead Silence".
  • Make it so the Ghost only drops coverage once you've stopped sprinting for 2.5s. That's long enough to ADS certain sightlines and/or have a gunfight without a UAV picking you up during the gunfight, but not long enough to pitch a tent.
  • Make Cold Blooded completely counter all AI controlled streaks, gear, and equipment like its respective perk has done in every title before this one…
  • Remove the instantaneous sprint out from Gung Ho COMPLETELY or simply reduce ADS, by class, on a % scale.
    • 35% reduction for SMGs.
    • 24% reduction for ARs.
    • 20% reduction for Tactical and Sniper Rifles.
    • 15% reduction for Pistols, Shotguns, and LMGs.
  • Drop anti-heal to 8s. Still long but Flak Jacket exists. Let's not make another perk useless.
  • I have quite a few different routes we could go with specialists; including some nerfs…
    • Allow only the use of gear or equipment but not both.
    • If both are allowed, make them cost a CAC point.
    • Make the score requirement for gear/ults 2500-3000 points and half of that in SnD.
    • Double the current time requirement of all specialist equipment.
    • Remove the point requirement for global equipment so it's more appealing. The global equipment, that costs a point, is more easily countered than the free shit…Makes no sense…
    • Make it so you can jump over razor wire if it isn't something above it that would physically prevent your player from doing so. Have you seen your jump height? Your player should be able to easily clear razor wire if you're sprinting and haven't jumped or slid for a few seconds. Increase snare damage to counteract the nerf.
    • Make the EMP only disable other specialist gear and enemy UI.
    • Stop allowing Zero to steal streaks and increase all of her destroy times by 25% but allow her to sprint while hacking to counteract the nerf.
    • Increase the grenade rechamber time on the War Machine to 1s so it isn't spammable. Increase ammo count by 2 grenades to counteract the nerf.
    • Allow Tac Mask to stop Tempest chains. You still take damage but wont get downed if you weren't the one hit.
    • Allow Ajax's shield to be penetrated by the Annihilator and FMJ.
  • Straight up remove Body Armor. It kills TTK consistency and overall pacing since not every weapon has access to FMJ even though FMJ isn't determined by the caliber of the weapon…Cuz reasons…
  • Reduce specialist kills from 125 to 75 because there's no reason 1-shot kill weapons should count more than weapons that require consistent aim and tracking.
  • Put EKIA assists on a tiered system
    • 20pts for 1-30dmg
    • 40pts for 31-60dmg
    • 60pts for 61-90dmg
    • 80pts for 91-120dmg
    • 100pts for 120-149dmg

And just like that, everything except bullets has a counter, people aren't getting full streaks while hardly finishing any kills, people aren't getting full streaks from their specialist ults, streaks arent being stolen from someone that earned them, Cold-Blooded protects you from AI, specialists are less of a nuisance, subs with Gung-Ho have the edge in close quarters, stealth gameplay is back.

Activision, 3ARC, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer…PLEASE stop holding people's hands. It feels better when you EARN it.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

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