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Comprehensive Alcatraz Survival Guide

black ops 4 5 - Comprehensive Alcatraz Survival Guide

With the game now out on Xbox I thought I’d give my winning strategy. Since it was released for Xbox I got over 20 wins. I’m pretty decent at the other modes but I think the length of each match and the relative nothingness that is happening in between gunfights leads me to not being able to play as many and accumulate as many wins, but this is just addicting, and the fast pace draws me in again and again. First things out of the way, your going to need a squad. Yes, you can go solo but if you want to respawn, you need a squad. Second, you need a squad with mics. Simple stuff, now onto strategy.

LQfqzn0 - Comprehensive Alcatraz Survival Guide

Here’s a picture of the map with the points I’m talking about

LANDING : This strategy is all about control and denial. The most optimal landing spot is the top of the prison. Its smack dab in the middle of the island and it means you will be in the circle for literally the entire game. If you have tried to land here before you will notice that it draws a lot of traffic because it is the most prominent spot on the map when viewed from above. The mistake most people are making is the key few seconds the moment your boots hit the ground. They land somewhere on the roof and are immediately running around in between 3 squads trying to pick up a gun. This is wrong. You want to get off the roof as fast as possible, loot up as quick as possible, and get back to the roof.

There are 2 main entrances to the roof located on either side of the prison. The entrance in front of the water tower, which my squad has dubbed Skinny will take you down one flight of stairs into a small area of rooms. The other side in front of the lighthouse , which my squad has effectively dubbed Fat, will take you down a couple of flights of stairs all the way to ground floor of the prison. If you immediately turn left at the bottom of the stairs at fat there will be a very large room filled with loot. Grab it and get back to the roof. Do not be tempted to go into the cell blocks and fight because you hear gunfire and want to third party. It is akin to fighting in a multilevel maze. Same on skinny, after you go down one flight all those rooms are filled with loot, and there is almost always a small loot crate and sometimes a large one. You will obviously want your squad to split 2 on both skinny and fat and keep dropping the same one instead of switching it up so you and your partner can learn the loot and how to fight there.

CONTROL – You want to absolutely control the prison roof. It will be in every circle until the herd as been thinned, and once your leaving the roof, anybody who is dead will not be rejoining us. Once both duos have finished looting, they want to make their way back to the roof as quick as possible. At this point anybody who has landed on the roof will be recovering from or still fighting whoever landed with them. You then form a moving wall with the duo on the other side to meet in the middle and murder any idiot/s who are still on the roof. Chances that they have much ammo and health left after fighting aren’t in their favor, and the chances they have armor are even slimmer.

Once you have control of the roof, you need to keep control of the roof.

DENIAL- Keeping control of the roof is actually pretty simple. You have the two mains entrances from within the prison itself on the far ends of both skinny and fat, you have one ladder on the fat side and the gondola/elevator. In the best case scenario, you prioritize placing Barricades on the 2 main entrances, and razor wire on the ladder. Use mesh mines smartly as well. These will all serve as early detection systems that someone is about to have a very bad day. If you can’t block off both skinny and fat main entrances, block off skinny.

On fat, anybody that comes through that door and sees your squad on the roof will quickly come to the realization that they like their loot and would very much like to keep it and will turn back around. The problem for them is the route running down from the roof to the bottom floor is basically a vertical tunnel, there is no where for them to hide, not to mention that the bottom is the cell blocks, which is usually a very bloody and confusing place. The rooms directly underneath skinny have a lot of rooms and dark corners for you take a sledgehammer to the face or a Bowie knife to the heart which is why priority should be kept on it.

You and your squad will want to patrol the roof. Keep an eye on the lighthouse and the water towers, but more importantly the water tower. Enemy players on either one will only pose an annoyance and not much threat. They’ll keep picking at your health, and if you do manage to down them, they will usually be back up pretty soon. The reason I say keep a keener eye on the water tower is because it is possible to grapple to the roof and even if they don’t have grapples, they can do a quick paraglide jump onto the roof. Keep an eye and make sure nobody comes up the ladder on fat. If the Gondala is not already docked on the roof, call it back. If the Gondala get ringed, let whoever called in get on it, wait till they are halfway up, have at least another teammate with you and coordinate with them so you both fire at the unlucky passenger at the same exact time and once the Gondala reaches the roof, it will have brought you a nice care package in the form of a unwitting souls death box. Be careful looting this stash since it is on the Gondala, if it gets called back you better hope you have a grapple to get back on the roof or are ready to fight whoever just called it back.


You will also have a fair amount of people who redeploy on the roof but since they spawn in with just a pistol and some health, they are usually easy pickings and once the first shots start getting fired they will be very quick to jump off the sides of the roof or jump through the glass openings into the cell block at which point they stop being your problem and becomes whoever is playing hide and seek in the cell blocks. Keep an eye on the redeploy clock and make sure the entire squad is ready for hot drop wannabee’s. Don’t take them too lightly either, a squad that is in good communications dropping on an heavily armored and equipped person can still overtake them which is why it’s good to be near a teammates when redeploys are happening. I know we’ve done it a few times when we lost the roof.

WEAPON CHOICE – This is a hectic map with even more hectic gameplay and you will find yourself absolutely burning through ammo. Holding the roof gives you sight lines for most of the island and the temptation to shoot and kill someone is strong, but I would say unless there are no more redeploys available, save your ammo for people who inevitably push roof and for when you have to fight in the end game. Stay away from Sniper Rifles, shotguns after early-mid game, and if it’s a specialist weapon other than the sparrow, use it and get rid of it. On this map automatic weapons rule, but the king of them all are the automatic 45 Cal. guns, the GKS, Daemon, and Spitfire in that order for me personally. The reason for that is the loot economy on the island. You have 40 people dropping up to 5 times each on a very small island. The initial loot goes fast. However with each redeploy wave you have a meat bag with a pistol bringing you ammo. Just make sure you kill them before they use too much of it. They also give you 5 heals assuming they haven’t popped any yet, and a red dot sight and fast mags if you don’t have one yet. I will also keep an automatic weapon as my secondary since most times it’s easier to swap weapons than reload. I say use any specialist weapons, other than the sparrow, and get rid of it. Keep the sparrow because it is a ridiculously overpowered weapon and accurate weapon that is worth losing a secondary to.

I’ll also go through a quick tidbit about equipment on here. You will probably have already gone through any shields and razor wires securing the roof. Sensor darts are near useless on the roof since it picks up everything to the bottom floor and there are always people running around in the cell blocks, so save those until you have to leave the safety of the roof. Once you have control of the roof, incoming grenades aren’t much a hassle so I would save them for when/if you get pushed off the roof and find yourself in a building with outside facing windows. Pick up any throwable and perks such as outlander and consumer in case you have a heal off.

END GAME – Your squad is going to be controlling the roof and staying within the circle for 85% percent of the game without touching the ground. The last 15% are going to hectic and take equal amounts of luck and skill and usually once your off the roof there are no more redeploys and the circle will not stop moving so it throws everybody into a different play style. The circle can end anywhere and I don’t now specific tips I could give except that when you jump make sure you double tap jump so your wingsuit deploys and have a grapple aimed at the ground if it doesn’t so you can break your fall and not your ankles. Some suggestions I could give about boosting your post-roof life expectancies is if the circle is ending past the fat side, jump on the roofs of the houses around the lighthouse. If it’s ending past skinny, jump into the courtyard. Follow the circle in with a small buffer behind you so you can engage as you move in, and try to have some teammates get whatever high ground is available. If it’s ending in or around the prison, play it smart and stay on the roof for as long as possible. If it’s looking like a healoff, leave one person on the roof or somewhere near by and safe with a trauma, consumer perk so that they can heal faster and outlander to reduce the damage taken and send the rest of the team to engage the last few people left to force them to fight and not heal. You will be very surprised by the number of people who attempt to heal off but it is a viable strategy and a win is a win. You will often find a lot of people running into and towards the circle in its finals few moments and having that one person on the outside is a game changer rather than having everyone in the circle along with the enemies.

But most importantly, have fun.

TL:DR- Sorry, I can’t condense this down, but if you have more suggestions leave them in the comments and let me know what you guys think. I’m absolutely in love with Alcatraz, it really put new blood into this game.

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