CoD: Black Ops 4

Contraband Easter Egg hunt UPDATE – I found Frank

black ops 4 1 - Contraband Easter Egg hunt UPDATE - I found Frank

PREVIOUS POST (please read it, if you haven't already): Frank and his football

EDIT: Current storyline (as far as we know):

Frank and the author of the board jourmal are on the ship that's now stranded on the island. They crash – presumably not far in the future, considering they have Russian food from 1941, maybe even in the 20th century? They stay there for roughly a year and go insane – Frank befriends a football, the author catches Frank stealing from him, kills and eats him. Fast forward to the future, a couple years before the actual map takes place, a drug/weapons cartel stumbles across the island and turns it into a base of operations. For some reason they have to quickly abandon it. Fast forward a couple of years to the future, a military intervention on the island, and this is the actual map.


MY THOUGHTS: I think the shark/crab and the symbols are key. On land, there is a writing saying "Fear the water". Underwater, near that one, is a writing saying "Fear the beast". There is a connection here. Also, the symbols clearly are supposed to mean something. I provided some better pictures of them for people who want to try and combine them into one image or try some different things with them.

Thank you for all the kind words and compliments (and the two reddit golds!) on my last post. Have a great day/night! <3


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