CoD: Black Ops 4

Countering/Playing Zero

black ops 4 3 - Countering/Playing Zero

Zero gets a lot of hate/love here without any middle ground, however on the servers we see that most players don't really know how to play her/counter her. Here are some thoughts that we can discuss:

Playing Zero

  1. Check the team comp the moment you start. Note any Zeroes, Crashes and Torques on the other team. Call it out. Periodically check for Torques/Zeroes/Crashes on the other team. (Crash-heavy games tend to have a lot of scorestreaks)
  2. Use your grenade primarily on equipment, not people. If there is a Torque on the other team always wait for the barricade deploy, disregard the razor wire.
  3. Only use the Icepick when one of these scorestreaks show up: Attack Chopper (check if they have a zero, they can hack it back), Sniper's Nest, Thresher, Strike Team (only while in flight, this is really easy and fast), Mantis
  4. If you are low on ammo, isolated but very close to your scorestreak then you can use the Ice Pick to get the few remaining points (15 per person hacked + equipment)
  5. Always run Engineer with her so you see the scorestreaks. While I would never waste a grenade on a Seeker, Mesh Mine or an RC-XD, I will if I see it closing in on a team mate at 97-95.
  6. (new) Grenade works through walls in case you are bothered by a trophy system. Also use it on different floors to attack above/below. Remember that it has a big range (thanks Daddyspanksya)

Countering Zero

  1. If you take away anything it should be this: check enemy team comp before deploying scorestreaks! Do not deploy an Attack Chopper if the enemy team has a Zero and they haven't Ice Picked yet unless it's the beginning of the match.
  2. Bait her. At least two people on our team focus on Supply Packages/Sentry. If there is a Zero on the other team we hold onto Sentry and use it to bait the Ice Pick out, then we deploy Nest/Mantis/Strike etc right away. If we have only high-value scorestreaks we decide which one to sacrifice to the enemy Zero based on the map. Works 80% of the time all the time.
  3. If you want to deploy a high value scorestreak and the enemy Zero most likely has Ice Pick then try to sneak into their spawn and deploy from there. 60% of the time the Zero will try to hide close to that spawn and you can hunt it down. You can further strategize by deploying when your team has a deployed Torque barrier and mesh mines which need to be hacked before the scorestreak.
  4. If you are Zero then hack before deploying a high-value scorestreak, especially Strike Team which is the easiest to hack. (assumes that enemy has charged Zero)

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