CoD: Black Ops 4

Dear Treyarch, thank you.

black ops 4 2 - Dear Treyarch, thank you.

Treyarch, thank you so much for Black Ops IV. One might say it's the last traditional COD we'll see, as we've ushered in a new era of catering to Fortnite kids. But this post isn't about that. This is my love letter to you, BO4.

I've purchased every COD since MW2. My first online COD experience was BO1 at the age of 13. Wow, what a time that was. Middle school girlfriends, dances, football games, and when those nights got late, it was time to put on the one-eared headset and play BO1—my first love. I've grown up with these games. I'm a 5th-year college student now. After BO1, I never found that same love. But on that cool night in October of 2018, I found that love again.

I wasn't expecting much. I didn't play the beta, didn't do any research. I didn't hype it up. That first TDM match in Jungle was a complete flush of happiness and nostalgia. To see those old favorites, Summit, Firing Range, and then Nuketown eventually, made me feel like a little 13-year-old again. I would willingly leave the party chat and go to the game chat just to start shit and get everybody riled up. That's something I took for granted as the two latest installments have stripped that sense of in-game rivalry away.

While your game did have its faults, the loot crates, the flashlight shotgun, the fire shotgun, and the pre-nerfed Stingray, I stayed through all of it. And I loved every god damn second of it. Skipping classes just to make sure I downloaded the new battle pass, spending my money on GFuel, just to play your game, all day & night.


The camo grind. Probably the most rewarding thing I've completed in any video game ever. Staying awake during the double XP weekends, racing to prestige master, I did that too. I was never getting burnt out on your game, loving it more and more every day. Of course, I played Blackout and Zombies as well. I loved both of those modes too.

Your game got me through a lot. Throughout all the family issues, girlfriend problems, and just unhappiness in life, your game got me through it. I'm proud to say this is my favorite Call of Duty of all time. Six-manning with my friends in TDM lobbies, exploiting the map voting glitch, and playing Summit for hours and hours on end. That'll go down in history for me. It pains me to say I don't think I'll ever get back to that feeling, not in this franchise. But what do I know?

The release of MW and BOCW has made me appreciate you more than you can ever know. I wish I had a time machine to take me back to October 2018 to relive those feelings again. Your game was remarkable, and the fact that it's nearing its end is remarkably sad. I'll be sure to tell my children about you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for that masterpiece.

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