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Dedicated player since launch, here. I’m done. I’m writing this game off unless something major happens to fix its current state.

black ops 4 5 - Dedicated player since launch, here. I'm done. I'm writing this game off unless something major happens to fix its current state.

I have hundreds of hours on BO4. I've been playing consistently since launch, with the exception of first strike, where I wasn't able to play the game for a while, so I missed out on the Daemon 3XB, Kap45, and SWAT-556. I'm at 91% done on 100 percenter and I'm just under master prestige (Because I wanted to stay at level 55 to finish Dark Matter in my first prestige).

This is the first COD I am completely writing off as done. I've been playing Call of Duty every year since I was very young, around 11 years old, and never before in the series have I completely abandoned a COD game. COD is my home in gaming and a series I'll never abandon, bar every COD being as bad as BO4 for the next few years. I just can't stand this game anymore. I can't stand the gouging and I can't stand the spit in the face Treyarch and Activision regularly deliver.

The first straw was, despite having hundreds of hours, not being able to ever get the Daemon, Kap-45, or SWAT. I hit level 150~ on Absolute Zero, around the same on Spectre Rising, and I've opened probably over 600 reserve crates. The only noticeable items I got were John Doe for Blackout, which I don't play, and the Rampage Mark 2. That is literally it. More than half a thousand reserve crates and I still can't get the SWAT, which was one of my favorite Black Ops guns.

The next straw was the terrible MP and lack of updates. The MP has garbage balance, the specialists are horrifically annoying, and Barebones is garbage because of the quickscoping. However, despite all of this complete horse shit, along with the strobelight, High Cal II, the absolutely massive amount of cancer that hasn't/won't be nerfed despite desperately needing it (The last few CODs haven't had something incredibly cancerous, and the ones before that only had 1 or 2 things that were noticeably horrible) I stuck to COD multiplayer, because the arcade shooting and the smooth gameplay of COD is something I have been playing since I can remember.

However, this most recent fiasco is the straw that broke the camel's back. For the first time ever I am uninstalling the newest COD game and I am not going to play it unless something major happens.

What an absolute slap in the face. What a ridiculous insult to people who pour their heart into playing this game. I spent hours a day, hours a day on this, pouring time that was obviously better spent in other places, to have a hope at getting weapons I missed. It was complete bullshit, but I still stuck through hoping I had a chance. With this? There was nothing I can even do. I'm stuck in the same grind cycle with absolutely 0 pay off, with near 0 chances of getting the gun I want, and for what? So I can unbox a bunch of stickers, earned by playing a game that at its core isn't even good?


50 minutes for a 0.01% chance at getting something good, where 99% of the other content is fucking useless, and it's not dupe protected, is so blatantly ridiculous that it genuinely boggles my mind. They know this is total horse shit, they know they are forcing a broken platform to get new guns on us, they know what they are doing. They are guinea pigging us to see how much cash they can make.

I stayed in BO3 despite a similarly awful system (Though slightly better than BO4), because the gameplay was fantastic. The game looked, sounded, and played incredibly well and was fun. BO4 is a fucking mess in multiplayer. The balance is among the worst ever in any COD game, specialists are way overbearing, and Treyarch only just addressed one of the major problems, the strobelight, while leaving the PILE of broken shit as broken as ever (Y'know, as long as they're not BUFFING IT, like the Rampart or Auger).

I can handle money grubbing and similar bullshit, because I love COD. I love this series at its core. It has been where I've spent so many summers, spent so much time with friends, hell, where I've made permanent friends just talking to people over the mic. It's something I have stuck with since I was a kid. However. The blatant lack of attention and care to multiplayer this year, the fact that Treyarch consistently either does nothing to address problems with it, and what little they change is usually mind numbingly stupid (Rampart/Auger buffs? Really?), along with the worst monetization system we've ever seen in any COD game, probably of any game out right now? I just can't do it. The gameplay isn't good, and there's no reward for sticking through it. It barely feels like a COD game anymore.

I'm done. I've uninstalled the game. This is the first time I've ever uninstalled a COD game with no plans on touching it again, in TEN YEARS. You all reading this probably see a wall of crying and salt but this hurts me, it really does. I love Call of Duty, I love the series dearly, and to have to throw out one of the titles over greed and lack of proper development is truly a shame.

Good riddance. Black Ops 4 is not a COD game in my eyes, and it doesn't deserve the title.

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