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(DISCUSSION)Barebones Playlist Discussion and Feedback for Devs

black ops 4 5 - (DISCUSSION)Barebones Playlist Discussion and Feedback for Devs

I'll probably keep playing barebones from now on as I find it more enjoyable than the vanilla version. But I also want to hear from those who have played the playlist since it went live yesterday. I'm more or less curious to see how everyone is/isn't enjoying the playlist and why. But as one who on this subreddit requested a no-specialist playlist on numerous occasions I will leave my feedback.

The pros:

  1. PACING: The overall pace of the game has been slowed down, just enough to allow players to plan out their next move. Personally I have been able to watch my radar and pay attention to anyone attempting to flank(explain in more detail) and try to move to shut it down.
  2. FRUSTRATING DEATHS: They have been greatly reduced to almost zero, for the first few matches I kept expecting to get gut-punched by some seeker/tempest/war machine/grav slam/ attack dog/etc… you get the point, a bunch of overpowered free streaks. Without specialist abilities to abruptly end my streak I'm able to focus more on not making tactical mistakes. In normal modes(specialist) it didn't matter if you tried to carefully round the corner while checking for enemies because after the first 2 minutes of any game every person was going to be using their specialist abilities making any tactical decisions or gun skills almost worthless against a barrage of grenades or your STUPID TEAMMATE WHO DECIDED TO RUSH THE CORNER AND GET ZAPPED BY A TEMPEST THUS ZAPPING YOU!!!!!!!! for example
  3. GEAR: at first I thought that removing gear from the barebones playlist was going to be a bad idea, but after playing for a few hours I can profoundly say that it was the right decision to make. I typically play an aggressive role, using stim shot with every class because I tend to stay in the fight as much as possible forcing me to use the stim as my crutch gear item. Now I'm forced to slow down my aggressive tactics, but so does the other team. This alone I think demonstrates how these gear items can affect game play overall
  4. GUN SKILLS: As I previously mentioned above gun skills were only useful to a certain extent, you couldn't out shoot a tempest or war machine in most cases. But here it's 25%-40% tactics and 60%-75% gun skills, this is what COD is all about. I finally feel like I'm playing BO 2.5 or something along those lines.
  5. THE GUN META: Part of this may have to do with the slight buff to SMGs, Snipers, and the ABR but I've noticed a lot more variety in what weapons are used. I've been in matches with players using practically every gun in the game(obviously only 12 players but you get my point). ABR, Cordite, MX9, SAUG, MOG12, ICR, RAMPART, KN-57, GKS, DAMEON, PALADIN, KOSHKA, SDM. Obviously there are maddox users but their is no one good gun now, it's all about player skill and tactics.

These are just the ones I can think of, now obviously here are(in my opinion) the cons(with constructive feedback):

  1. TDM and DOM: it would be nice if we could have a dedicated TDM/KC and then an objective moshpit like DOM/Hardpoint/Control. Not a big con but just putting something out there.
  2. MAPS: I've noticed that we can't vote for what map to play, I've also noticed that(at least in my playtime) that only certain maps were being played, just give us the option to pick please.
  3. SNIPING: I'm not sure if this corresponds to the new hit-detection system they're implementing but I've noticed more quickscopers hitting near insane shots with relative ease(ps4) It may be that everyone is starting to come back to the game but I'm not sure. To give you a good example on Lockdown I managed to kill a quickscoper overlooking the main police station hub, take his Paladin, and get 3 easy quickscopes. This is coming from a guy who does not quickscope or even use sniper rifles except when I grinded to dark matter. It's not a big deal as I have learned how to counter most quickscopers(slide and jump those corners) and I am glad that they now are a force to be reckoned with, but at times they can be a bit overpowered. Maybe just slightly reduce quickscoping accuracy would help alleviate the issue.
  4. MANUAL HEALING: While I do enjoy the lack of stim shots and gear items, I do wish that they would make healing automatic, or introduce a perk that allows players to auto heal. Not an issue but something I thought I would bring it up

  5. DLC: Make the DLC maps free for this playlist, that way the playerbase doesn't get split up while trying to play this awesome gamemode.

In my final thoughts I will also note that I(prestige 276) have noticed a lot more prestige masters as well as new players(like rank 2-35) in this playlist so I would highly recommend that treyarch keep this playlist permanent as it has brought me back to play BO4 multiplayer and I love it!

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