CoD: Black Ops 4

Do not support this game any longer, do not purchase Black Ops 5

black ops 4 6 - Do not support this game any longer, do not purchase Black Ops 5

Treyarch have made it clear they're very incompetent with developing their game. During the beta, they gave the face of "always listening to player feedback" after the high amount of communication they gave us during that period, even with showing the "PC/Console Split Balance" by nerfing snipers on PC, as they were OP during the beta.

Ever since then, they simply haven't cared. The game has become more and more unstable on both consoles and PC, the content we've been given is a joke and the only decent stuff is locked behind a ludicrous paywall. The Black Ops Pass has been terrible value for money, and zombies has barely gotten the support it should have since the beginning unlike the other two modes.

Also, the whole different balancing for Console and PC was soon forgotten about after launch, hell they even patched snipers to be exactly like the Console counterpart again. Did some people not like the change made to PC snipers? Sure. But, we never did get a split balance update that actually did anything.

Honestly, Sledgehammer did major improvements to WW2, even halfway through its main year by mixing up divisions and giving out good free maps like sandbox. The free maps Treyarch give out are just different weather versions of existing maps and an old map which is glitch heaven for cheaters.


I'm sure Activision have a major role in the monetisation used in Black ops 4, but considering how Black ops 3 had also the worse MTX system in any COD game, and how WW2 and IW had better systems than both BO3 and 4 shows that it's pretty much on Treyarch as well. IW gave ALL base variants of new weapons to season pass holders, and non holders were able to a challenge that was given to them to complete. No pay wall, no nothing.

Meanwhile with Black ops 4 –

  • You have to grind massive amounts of hours to reach the max tier by the end of the "season", or pay $1 per tier.
  • With some items you have to pay for them AND THEN you have to unlock them through the battle pass system
  • In game item shop with items that are mostly low in quality with stupid emotes and terrible camos for high prices
  • A Supply drop system with high duplicate chances, with an inventory of 1200+ including NEW WEAPONS
  • Now making it so you have to get the new weapons in crates to even get a chance to use them in blackout
  • Piss poor excuse for contracts

Y'all are better off uninstalling this game now and moving on to other stuff.

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