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Don’t be fooled by the MTX update.

black ops 4 5 - Don’t be fooled by the MTX update.

I’m genuinely happy that Activision made this change to Black Ops 4’s micro-transactions system today. It shows that while they’re not necessarily listening, they are in fact hearing.

But, as can be inferred from the above, this change was more than likely made for the wrong reason. This probably wasn’t done out of the goodness of Activisions’ hearts. This was done to make you temporarily happy. In fact, I think this was a plan. Hear me out.

Activision took a broken system they’d carefully crafted to take advantage of their consumers, broke it further, and then made many (but not all) of those consumers happy by fixing it to be slightly less f—ed. This is a form of damage control (if it wasn’t a ploy so that they’d appear as benefactors), and I’m not fooled by it.

Some of you have been duped as hard by this as by the supply drops. Pun intended.

And while it’s objectively a step in the right direction regardless of Activision’s motives behind it, it’s still not enough.

I know people are tired of the complaining. I know people want to enjoy this game. I want to enjoy this game, and I realize that time is running out on Black Ops 4. But I saw this coming a mile away, and that’s indicative of what’s wrong here.

I knew going into what can now be called a battle with Activision that Activision would very likely change little, if anything, about Black Ops 4’s transactions model. And that’s what happened. The transaction model for this game has been in place too long to substantially change anything about it. Doing so would disservice those that have already paid for this system in its current form. Basically, legal trouble for Activision. But I’m still boycotting until Black Ops 4’s model is fair, because I feel that Activision deserves to face the music.

I digress.


The key thing here is that hope isn’t lost for changing Activision’s micro-transaction models substantially for the next Call of Duty title (and all of their other games), regardless of what happens to that of this one. That’s the long term goal: affecting change in Activision and Call of Duty going forward. The system is still broken. Activision has not remedied what fundamentally makes this model for MTXs in their games wrong. These models are still terrible, even by the standards of free-to-play titles. They are not only insulting and predatory in their extent to the Call of Duty community, which, again, pays to play these games, but they also award potential gameplay advantages to those that pay.

This is not up for debate. Many people still refuse to let go of the “cosmetic only” argument, but it doesn’t hold up simply because it just isn’t true. It may have been true earlier in this game’s lifecycle, but it isn’t now. You can still pay to get gameplay-affecting content like new guns first, if you ever get them at all. My earlier post can be cited to read in-depth about this if any of you are genuinely confused.

The bottom line is that this model of Activision’s still needs major reworking. An insane amount of money would still be made with minimal, fair, and purely cosmetic MTX opportunities in these games.

The gist of what I’m pushing for:

-Absolutely no opportunities for players to purchase anything that affects gameplay or rank. No guns, no 2XP incentives, nothing. Make it a fair playing field. These things need to be free, unable to be bought.

-A less anti-consumer base price. Two dollars for a supply drop that contains filler is unacceptable for a $60 game.

NO DUPLICATE ITEMS. It’s 2019 and this is still an issue in Call of Duty, a paid AAA title.

The bandage they placed on this today has not inspired me to relent, even in the slightest, and I hope the same is true for many of you. Withhold any CoD Points you got with your game edition, because the latest update to Black Ops 4 was only a very small victory for the Call of Duty community. Don’t let this be the end of the progress we can make, and don’t be made to think that nothing we do can possibly change anything. It sure as hell can. This company depends on us to exist. Be loud.

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