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Everything I dislike (everything I like, coming soon)

black ops 4 5 - Everything I dislike (everything I like, coming soon)

Before I start talking, I'm going to put it out there. These are all my opinions, and as entirely negative as this postis, I will make a post about the good parts of the game. Don't come here just to hate on my opinions on what I think could have been done better. I still have quite a bit of fun in this game, and in my follow up post, I'll explain that side of the coin as well. Let me repeat, I DO NOT HATE THIS GAME.

-Specialists. I'm biased on this one, as I'm not the biggest fan of specialists, I thought they were semi-decent in BO3, but that's about it. Now, while getting my shadowblade and destroying 5 poor souls is very satisfying (when they don't just shoot me before I can), I honestly think specialist abilities are very OP.

My shadowblade is a literal instant kill, Grav Slam will instantly kill anyone in it's radius, Torque can burn for how much of a bullet sponge his stuff is, as he can close off entire rooms for half the game. Zero can take down all of the enemy team's… everything. Recon can make you spotted from across the realm. Nomad's dog is a bullet sponge. Flak Jacket is worthless against the War Machine. Ajax's shield is stupid in 1v1 situations. Tempest can take down everyone if used right, and the Seeker is just… ugh. Now, there are some abilities that are decently balanced, and they will be talked about in my positive post.

The specialist equipment is generally not horrible, I just hate that any other lethals take up a slot while your equipment doesn't (for some reason). If I wanna run frags, or concussions, I need to be ready to give up one of my useful things that I have equipped, which just isn't too fun.

-Weapons For the most part, I enjoy the weapons (despite what I stated in previous posts). Generally speaking, most guns can be viable, but there is one major issue that prevents this from happening. Honestly, even "underpowered" weapons wouldn't be that bad if circumstances were different, as they are underpowered for smaller reasons.

This game has quite the habit of having overpowered weapons. I find this to be one of the biggest things that brings the game down. Back when it started, I praised how good the guns were, how everything just felt right, but over the years, things changed. The VMP is one of the most massive offenders, having very little downsides. It has good firerate, good accuracy, and good recoil. It isn't as good at long ranges, but a lot of the game is mid to short range. The MicroMG was one of the first guns that made me realize this was an issue. I thought I was a tryhard for running the Mog, then I realized that the Micro literally outguns me every single time. With it's fire rate, it can wipe out way too many players in like 5 seconds. The only downside is recoil, which makes it worthless past mid range, but it melts everybody at close range. The Ballistic Knife is pretty much like having a Combat Knife and Combat Axe, except only taking one slot. That alone, is just horrible design. The BK is a one shot with melee or ranged, and this makes it very unfun to deal with. If these main offenders were massively nerfed, or flat out removed, the game would be so much more fun to play, since balance would be returned.

-Scorestreaks I have never had less fun playing against scorestreaks in any CoD before. A massive offender is how fast you get them, another is that most are aimbot, bullet sponge AI.

A big arguement against this, is to just change classes to deal with it. While yes, there is a premade class that can melt some of these, the problem comes when the enemy team is glued to you the second you pull it out, or just that fact that in some games, this means either constantly switching between the class you want to play, and the one that'll take down scorestreaks, or even using the scorestreak melter just so you have a slight chance to win.


There are some massive offenders when it comes to unfun scorestreaks. Strike Team's like if you took a player with aimbot and god mode, and put 2 of them in the game. They eat bullets for a living, and pretty much one shot you. The best counter is to shoot down their chopper, if you can switch classes in time of course. Half the games I play get annihilated when these guys show up. Drone Squad… I don't know where to start. These drones just kill you too fast, making the outside a no zone, and they're way harder to shoot down than they should be. Sniper's Nest is just, like playing against a sniper who has aimbot. You stand outside for more than 3 seconds, boom! You're dead. Anything that one shot's so quickly is just unfun to go against. Generally, if one person has it, you can guarentee they will bring out another the second you shoot that first one down. It is easy to shoot down with the scorestreak melter, but generally you'll be the only one to switch to it, and you'll be doing it a lot. Thresher is so close to being impossible to shoot down, as it dodges most rockets, and instant kills you (notice a pattern?). It comes around for way too long. Mantis is the same as most others on this list, it's rockets instant kill (and are it's only weapon), and I generally use 3 or 4 rockets before I can destory one. It instantly kills me after each rocket I fire, making it increasingly more infuriating.

-Maps This game has some good ones, but most of these good ones were taken from previous games. Firing Range, Jungle, Slums, Summit, WMD, Havana, Launch, and Nuketown, are all from Black Ops 1, and Grind is a Black Ops 2 map. While they are fun maps, it feels uninspired, since they were ripped from previous games.

Some of the original maps aren't horrible either, and I'll bring those up in my other post. But some original maps are just… kinda bad. Contraband is just unfun, with people constantly closing off the middle bridge, and the camping rooms, I just personally don't find that fun. Hacienda is a little too linear, with most people taking one of two hallways, and generally doing nothing else. Payload is just one I personally dislike, for no real reason, I just don't find it fun.

Some maps have variationa, which are mostly just, the same with a different coat of paint. However, Jungle Flooded is a big difference. I personally leave the game if this map ever gets chosen. They took a perfectly decent map, and put half of it under water. I hate Jungle Flooded with a fiery passion.

The DLC maps could very well be much better, I just refuse to buy the Black Ops Pass, which I'll explain in the very next point.

-Black Ops Pass Locking every map pack behind a $50 purchase infuriates me. I spent that much money on the actual game, and have to spend another $50 for the full game. So stupid. I wouldn't care about this if the map packs were separate purchases I could make (Like literally every other CoD) but of course, why would they make it that easy. I simply will not spend $50 flat on this game again.

-Zombies Zombies mode isn't the worst I've played, but it just doesn't hold up to the standards previous zombie modes set. IX and Classified are decent by the game's standards, it's just not amazingly fun. The zombies are hyper, the perk system is scuffed, and half of the maps are remakes of old maps.

Honestly, Zombies isn't absolutely horrible, it just falls short.

-"Campaign" The lack of campaign was already bad enough, but Specialist HQ feels like a kick to the balls. Reusing old cutscenes from the campaign and rushing out a campaign-like experience does not make up for the lack of a campaign.

-Blackout Actually, I am yet to find something I dislike about it, besides the fact that nothing about it necessarily drags me back in.

-Pay to Win You've heard about it time and time again, so I'll make it brief. The pay to win is garbage in this game. Worst than BO3. Not only can that rich kid get the OP guns, he can hand pick them for extra money.

The addition of Pick a Weapon Bribes is a double edged sword. On one hand, everybody can play for long enough to pick out the weapon they want, but on the other, that rich kid can buy a bunch of CoD points and just buy the best guns in the game.

If you read this extremely long post, I applaud you. I know most people don't like seeing negativity about this game, but it was a post I felt needed to be made. I had a lot to say about this game, and with the new Treyarch CoD game coming out, I feel that this kind of post is more important now than it ever was. I will be making the "Everything I like" post sometime later this week.

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