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I promised it, and now it's here, everything I enjoyed about Black Ops 4. As said in the last post, I think now, more than ever is an important time to poat this, with the next Treyarch CoD around the corner.

  • Weapons Now, in the last list, I specifically talked about weapons being vastly overpowered. The thing is, if those weapons are out of the equation, the rest of the weapons are relatively balanced, even the "underpowered" ones. Before black market guns, the game was actually super well balanced, one of the first times I felt CoD was balanced. Besides the few choice weapons, not bad.

  • Maps There are many throwback maps, which, while I bashed them on the last list for being lazy and uninspired, are still very fun to play, as they manage to fit into the game well. Even some of the new maps weren't exactly horrible. -Morocco is a map that I'm mixed about. It depends on whether Torque exists or not. -Frequency is a blast to play. Once again, the main factor is Torque, but even then, it can still be very fun. -Gridlock is a very nice challenging map, with many routes to travel down. All in all, not too many unfair camping spots, and lots of ranges of combat. -Hacienda Twilight is a personal favorite of mine, since it is essentially the Specter's wet dream. -Arsenal is a fairly challenging map, with it's one flaw being those vents. -Icebreaker is a map that I think has nearly perfect layout. I rarely have a game I dislike on this map, and in my opinion, it's this game's best original map.

-Zombies While I bashed on it a little in the last list, truth is, it can still be very enjoyable, even if it isn't as good as the other zombies modes. Once you're set up on some of the maps, it is rather fun and chaotic to play. IX was also just an absolute gem of a map.


-Blackout While I personally dislike battle royale, I think Blackout is by far the best installment of it. Something about it just feels right, and makes me want to keep trying, even in solo. Even though it cost us campaign, Blackout is still fun.

-Specialists One thing I'm on the fence about is the addition of specialist lethals. On one hand, it adds more to them, on the other, it doesn't take a slot, typically forcing me to pick it. A small detail I love is the banter that specialists will sometimes have, even though I rarely hear it. I hear one between Zero and Tempest, "People still use 1234 as a password, seriously?" "And it still took you that long to get in?". Another one can happen if another Zero steals your hacked scorestreaks, where your Zero will say something along the lines of "That was mine". I love these small attention to detail things so much. I also enjoy Zero, even though she is hated, she helps balance out the scorestreaks mentioned in the last list.

-Gameplay I have to quickly mention, I love the system of using a quick stimpack after you've taken damage, rather than hiding behind cover until your health automatically regenerates. Also, thankfully this game kept with boots on the ground gameplay, which was very much wanted after so many jetpack games.

That's it for this one, I apologize that it wasn't as long, since the things I like are easier to explain, and there unfortunately isn't as many of them.

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