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Extended mags and other things to fix in BO4 zombies

black ops 4 4 - Extended mags and other things to fix in BO4 zombies

I was hoping they would fix the issue with extended/hybrid mags after they fixed on the new weapons starting with the an-94. Several months later and none of the older weapons have it fixed, and I have enough issues other features that I may as well make a list of features that could be fixed.

  1. Extended/hybrid mags should work like it does in multiplayer, where it gives a proportional increase to reserve ammo. This would help make a lot of guns like the gks, mx9, and sdm a lot better. Other iterations of zombies such as WW2 or Infinite Warfare give extra reserve ammo with the mags. The later dlc weapons get extra reserve ammo. Consistency would be nice.
  2. The zombies exclusive weapons such M9 Hitchcock, escargot, m1927, and zweihander could all use attachments. Realistically this would mean adding them to multiplayer and maybe blackout. Considering the player base has seemed to dwindle lately, this could breath some new life into the game for a time. More the viability of these weapons would greatly increase. The M9 Hitchcock definitely needs the extra ammo from extended mags 2. The escargot with high caliber could potentially get 4 shot kills once the health caps.
  3. I've always found the 25% bonus from MKII useless. It was easy enough reaching level 55. Prestiging doesn't give you any advantage. Zombies isn't pvp, so why not have MKIIs increase damage by 25% in the zombies mode. This would effectively improve a weapons damage profile by 2 rounds and reduce the number of shot to the head to kill by 1 for most weapons. I don't think it would stop high round players from just spam the hellion or wonder weapon, but it would help make other weapons viable and be an actual reward.
  4. High caliber still could use a boost in effectiveness. As it is most weapons only get a improved one hit to head kill potential by a single round or 10%. The exceptions are the auger and mozu that get a 2 round increase as well as snipers. It's also rather dumb that the skullsplitter gives the same damage increase as high caliber. Someone playing casually will not be able see the difference between a weapon with and without high caliber. The only thing it would do is reward players by better letting them compete against weapons such as the hellion or wonder weapon and make headshots feel powerful like they did on the greenrun maps of Black ops 2.
  5. Better weapon balancing. The mog was fine when it was a one shot kill forever. It didn't need to be nerfed. Other weapons needed to be buffed to compete with it. Also a lot of fast firing high mobility smgs have similar or identical damage profiles to ARs with similar amounts of ammo or lmgs. My solution would have been to increase the damage and damage multipliers of various weapons. Over all this would make players less dependent on the hellion and wonder weapons as the rounds go higher and make for a more fun experience.

Anyways that's my peace. I don't think the games likely to see any real updates any time soon. What do you guys think? Do you have a other ideas about what could be improved?

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