CoD: Black Ops 4

Feature Request: Include military trained soldiers that can prone when concussed

black ops 4 3 - Feature Request: Include military trained soldiers that can prone when concussed

Imagine this:

You're a badass combat-tested military veteran. You get on a chopper headed to an island where you know that death is certain. You drop in, parachute down and start to loot. You find everything you need. A grip, stock, foregrip, extended barrel, 2x (or whatever you fancy), and you run into the circle. You're thinking, "Alright, this game is mine. I'm fully loaded and ready to go. My shots are feeling crispy as f*ck today." You see someone running in the distance 100m from you. You engage. 14 body shots later you break their armor and so you push them thinking that you have the upper hand now. And then, out of nowhere, a concussion grenade explodes in front of you. Dazed and confused you…put your hands in front of your face and stay standing because you're physically unable to prone…?

Seriously though, why can't we prone out when concussed? If anyone has had a concussion before (I've had 6) then you know that the first thing you want to do is drop to the floor and get your bearings straight. It's not the same as a concussion grenade, but if you're dazed at all you definitely don't want to stay standing while woozy. It's not like proning is a counter-play either because you still can't move around. It only means that the attacker has to be slightly more aggressive to run at you while you're proned behind a tree or whatever cover you have.

TL;DR: Soldiers apparently don't know how to stop, drop (shut em down open up shop) when concussed.


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