CoD: Black Ops 4

Feeling Regret For the First Time

black ops 4 3 - Feeling Regret For the First Time

Okay, not to be too hyperbolic with the title but I just need to get this rant out. I’ll try and include a TL;DR at the bottom.

Like a lot of people I see on here (been a long time lurker on here and Reddit in general), I’ve been playing Call of Duty for the longest of times. I didn’t start at the start, my first was World at War, a Treyarch game. Since then, I have had a love/hate relationship with this franchise but it’s hit boiling point with Days of Summer.

I loved every Treyarch installment for different reasons; WAW was an amazing WWII game,BO1 was perfect in my eyes, BO2 had my least favourite Zombies but favourite campaign with branching paths and multiple endings and BO3 was the best Zombies experience ever. I was even enjoying this one for both the Multiplayer and Zombies, but I slowly found myself having less fun than I did with Infinite Warfare.

I started to think it was unfair that loyal fans who buy the pass have to get base variants of the guns after being spoiled by getting them with the pass in Infinite Warfare. However, I kept playing because I was still invested in zombies and multiplayer was fun in bursts. I have completed EVERY event contraband stream, I own the Daemon, SWAT, KAP and so on. I was still having fun despite the grind, maybe because I play so MMOs I could tolerate grinding. I even felt kinda rewarded after feeling upset over not getting the weapons with the pass and soon, I had fallen in love with the game. I guess I was what many would call a Treyarch apologist, keyword being WAS.


With this event, all I get is a bribe and a sniper? If that was all there was to this event, I’d be a little underwhelmed but wouldn’t care too much. That soon changed when I scrolled down the patch notes and saw more guns were included but in reserves. Reserves that are full of shit that you’d have to be very lucky to get your hands on any of the new stuff. My heart sank, I felt used, betrayed and now, I’m done. I put hours into this game outside of my work and studies with friends, randoms and alone. I earned everything by playing a game I loved but the people who made this game don’t feel the same way. I realise now that my relationship with this game is akin to an abusive relationship, and now I’m dropping the game, uninstalling when I get home and going back to Fallout New Vegas. I’m sorry this was so long. I’m sorry I trusted Treyarch and Activision. I’m sorry I wasted my time on a game that would just stab me in the back after I put so much love and attention into it. Goodbye, Call of Duty. Hopefully one day, things go back to normal and I can give you another chance because Modern Warfare looks cool but I’m currently not interested in giving this franchise another cent.

TL;DR: I spent hours working on getting every weapon as it was added but now they’re in reserves, I feel like it’s a big fuck you to the entire community and now I’m done with the franchise. Greed has ruined this game and probably this franchise if this shit keeps happening, but it probably already has.

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