CoD: Black Ops 4

Final review of BO4 10 likes and 25 dislikes

black ops 4 6 - Final review of BO4 10 likes and 25 dislikes

10 Likes #1 I like the colors it's very appealing, #2 Best looking camos ever, #3 longer play of the game, #4 Chaos Control, #5 endurance modes, #6 3 dupes equal 1 new item, #7 assist is 100 score, #8 direct way to buy items, #9 see your friends chracter in the lobby, #10 3 live modes for players multiplayer, blackout and zombies.

25 cons #1 Wher's the VSAT for goodness sake, #2 Zero was a huge mistake whoever thought of that killed the dopamine of this game if Zero took over RC-XD, Dart, UAV, Counter UAV's then I would've been fine not middle and high tier streaks, 3 Where the heck is ground war Treyarch said they made these maps for 5v5 less than half these maps are 5v5 and DLC maps are too large for 5v5 also contraband, militia, morocco, arsenal, payload, gridlock, jungle and Icebreaker are also not 5v5 maps, even with the unlimited sprint these maps are boring 9v9 should've been MANDATORY #4 crashing was too common and not taken care of, #5 1 item for 1 hour you serious so unrewarding, #6 extreme unfair team balancing where the best players gets most of the scrubs,

#7 your pressured into getting just have to have a chance solo players had a hard time in this game, #8 safeguard wasn't 100 score per kill, #9 capping a flag in dom should be 150 or 200 same score as kill isn't not worth playing obj, #10 loading times were too long, #11 less guns than any other cod at launch, #12 exclusive attachment was a large mistake people used the same guns in the first 4 months, ICR, Maddox, Titan and Saug dominating the game barely gun variety, #13 streaks died too fast by Titan/Paldin FMJ, #14 Sentry, lightning Strike, Hellstorm, Mantis, Thresher and Gunship were a little expensive they need a 200-300 score reduction, #15 body armor need I say more, #16 stim shot shouldn't be here everyone should heal at the same time,


#16 shop items were too overpriced and valueless since this game and other cod's are done in 365 days, #17 screw the war machine, cluster grenades, grav slam, mesh mine and seeker drone, #18 150 health is too much 125 is a better compromise, #19 weapons in supply drops, #20 global combat records should be here a phone is slower not faster, #21 global leaderboards should be in the game, #22 not knowing what team you on what a waste of time, #23 GKS and MX9 should be better, #24 supply stream was lackluster, #25 going for level 1000 and even master prestige wasn't worth it a high tiered outfit for all specialists at 1000, cosmetic gun or regular gun every 50 levels would've made people stay on your game longer that's a problem in cod player retention isn't taking seriously. Even WW2 a game sent in the past had colored outfits for going above level 500 so it's no excuse that it should've been in the game

That's my review of BO4 worst of the black ops series and of all COD's down there with ghosts. I rather play IW or WW2 for 2 years. Once Oct 24 9pm I'm uninstalling this game and filling space for other games and playing Modern Warfare. What are your thoughts on what you loved and despised about BO4.

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