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Future specialists information hidden in game?

black ops 4 6 - Future specialists information hidden in game?

(I'm new to Reddit so apologies of not clear)

I have been trying to uncover the story of BO4 and have stumbled across possible information regarding new specialists on the Frequency map in the Administration Room.

Here Battery, Ruin and Seraph are seen as HVSs and have a portion of their backstory on display next to a picture of them like the pic below.

Other screens in the same room seem to show glitched HVS information and although difficult to see, some key words can be made out that tell us some information about the HVS displayed.

The first screen seen below gives us the following keywords:

This is certainly our new specialist Zero as she uses a hacking ability in game and not only speaks in a German accent in call outs but also has some German patches on here character model.

The second HVS screen reveals these following words:

This matches the information given to us by Outriders biography and transmissions in BO3 suggesting like Zero she could be in the game in future operations.


The final screens keywords are the most difficult to see but the clearest in regards to the HVS identity:

This can only be Specter from BO3 given their biography and transmissions. This too suggests that Specter maybe in BO4 in the future.

However due to the lack of pictures we cannot see what form the specialists will take in BO4. Much like other specialists who were also in BO3 we can expect redesigns that keep somewhat to the specialists designs in BO3.

It is possible that the text on each screen is just filler text to add to the atmosphere of the map, but if this is the case why change the wording of the information about the specialists or even include reference to Zero at all? They could have included any bit of text but specifically choose to write about these specific specialists. The revealing of Zero in the recent operation would make us assume the other two specialists should also arrive in game at a latter date.

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(TL:DR Outrider and Specter likely to be in future operations)

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