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Giving credit for where it’s due: This weekend is a good 1st step for many reasons.

black ops 4 2 - Giving credit for where it's due: This weekend is a good 1st step for many reasons.

Okay before I start, we as a community have been fairly criticising the game for its many faults with its incomplete features, empty promises, and money 1st ideals. However, we have to give credit where its due or else we are what the defenders say we are a bunch of complainers who don't look at the good few and far between.

It's only fair for every 5-10 negatives we look at, we should look at 1 positive.

This weekend is by far one of the more consumer friendly weekends in this game like it or not. (Which really wasn't that hard to achieve tbh)

  • Free Black Ops Pass maps during a community event- I still firmly believe that My Black Ops Pass idea is better giving free MP content while giving pass owners free weapons and MTX boosts, but, they finally and i mean FINALLY did the community events giving free Black Ops Pass maps. Now is it because that few bought the pass, maybe, but, if they do have dedicated weekends for free BOP MP maps in a dedicated event weekend, I'll be happy with it.

316fya08jbm21 - Giving credit for where it's due: This weekend is a good 1st step for many reasons.
  • 2x tier weekend returns- Ever since the tiers reduced to 100, I was sure we'll never see 2x tiers again because money, but I stand corrected, I'm happy these return for the event! The earn rate is a lot more fun now! So yeah, that's nice to see.
  • What about the $20 event?- Please remember the Playstation Ad showing content that's not even in the bundle, there's also 2 datamined weapons, they probably have 1 weapon per community event. The last chance it comes is tomorrow (St. Patrick's Day) to be a 10 day event with probably 20-25 tiers. I know it's stupid that the time is so slow, but remember, in this weekend, you get 2x tiers, so playing 10 hours gets you 20 tiers with 4 tier skips (Zombies + MP). If it doesn't arrive, let's get our pitchforks.

How they can continue to improve the events

In April with the redacted event and future events I hope they can continue to improve in the future doing things like

  • a Free Black Ops Pass dedicated weekend in every event
  • 2X tier, 2x Xp etc..
  • Releasing the free tiers the second the event starts.
  • Community Event Challenges like get 1,000,000 kills to earn an exclusive event camo.
  • Daily Login Event bonuses if you log in every day of the event, you get 3 free dupe protected Reserve Crates. (Player numbers matter for games, people tend to forget that).

Hopefully this is a good 1st step, because I am honestly happy that this weekend can show they know what to do to reduce complaints and hopefully, they take bigger steps in the future for a better game.

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